Good handymen are able to take on almost any job you can imagine arising within your household or estate.

Any Repair Jobs you can Imagine can be Taken Care Of by our Handymen

Below you will find an outline of the requirements, skills and duties associated with the role of handyman.

  • Handymen will have a good working knowledge of skills such as basic electrics, plumbing, carpentry, DIY, repairs and tiling so they can turn their hand to just about anything that you may need doing.
  • Along with these all-round abilities, you can also hire a handyperson who has specialist knowledge of something such as tending to livestock, gas engineering, swimming pool maintenance, mechanics or gardening.
  • Choosing a handyman with such skills allows you to hire someone who can, for example, take on the main gardening responsibilities as well as carrying out more general duties when needed.
  • Handymen are invaluable when a plumbing or electrical emergency arises.
  • A handyman can help to install and maintain furniture around the home along with paving, fencing, decking and tiling throughout your grounds.
  • Handymen can also take on the role of decorating and tending to the upkeep of the interior and exterior of your property.
  • You can choose to hire a live-in or live-out handyman either full or part time and our clients find they enjoy the consistency, reliability and financial efficiency of having a regular member of staff as opposed to several contractors.
  • A handyman can also act as a houseman or under-butler and take on heavy manual work along with helping with the cooking, cleaning and driving. Many clients are increasingly looking for a houseman as they find they need someone who can aid the butler and housekeeper in less formal situations.

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