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Modern nannies fulfil many roles - traditionally, they look after your children while you are at work or busy, but there’s more! Perfect Household Staff nannies can perform a broad spectrum of roles - from the traditional, to taking the weight off by helping around the house to running the entire household.

Where the parents in a family are busy business people with serious travel schedules or even celebrities, the ongoing care and education for the children in the family is paramount. Busy work schedules are not just disruptive to a child’s education but also their development as a whole. Having one or both parents away from the home on a regular basis, even for short periods, can cause a significant negative impact on the development of a child’s learning and social skills.

A little household order and calm

A professional nanny can bring order and calm to a household. That may seem a very sweeping statement, but consider the pressure parents who lead busy business lives are under, particularly if both parents work. Children need attention, not just for education, but plain old parent bonding. If a parent is continually stressed while bonding with a child, negative emotions detrimental to a child’s emotional development will show through and be picked up by the child. This can have a variety of repercussions on the child’s emotional state of mind and ability to develop as a whole.

Which nanny is right for your family?

Choosing a nanny is a very personal process and entirely unique to your family. Your children are unique in their requirements as to are your families circumstances. You may only need a nanny to assist in covering a period one parent is generally unavailable for or you may need a full time live-in nanny. The nanny may only be required for education and child development; this would be a governess and not a traditional nanny. Your requirements may include running the household too, particularly if the children are of school age; here you may need a housekeeper-nanny.

What ever the need, your children are in good hands with our Childcare and Education Staff.

Main skills, requirements and duties

Here are the role’s main skills, requirements and duties.

  • Nannies care for the children, and a nanny can also help the whole family by running all kinds of errands, doing the laundry, cleaning the house, doing the shopping and preparing meals.

  • All of Perfect Household's Staff's nannies have been fully screened, CRB checked and are trained in first-aid, so you can be assured that they are trustworthy and reliable as well as being indispensable to your household.

  • Choose from a full or part-time and live-in or live-out nanny. Whatever help your household needs, we can provide you with the precise skills you need. If you require a nanny who speaks a different language, then we also have a number of multilingual nannies, who will be able to communicate perfectly with your whole family.

  • All of our nannies are of a high calibre and have experience working for the best private households and they combine their excellent skills with a friendly yet discreet and professional presence.

  • If you are looking for a childcare provider, you may want to find out what your responsibilities as an employer would include and what our recruitment and placement fees would be. We can also use our parent's tax calculator to estimate your employment costs.


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