The bonding, nurturing, loving contact given through massage aids a baby’s development.

Why Should You Give Your Baby A Massage? The baby can benefit from:

  • Better sleep.
  • Improved communication between parent/carer and child.
  • Aids discomfort from colic, wind and constipation.
  • Lets babies intuitively learn about tension and release, a great early lesson for as they grow.

Parents and carers can benefit from:

  • Greater confidence in handling baby.
  • Closer non-verbal communication.
  • A practical expression of love or care.
  • Greater awareness of the baby physical development.

What the Research Shows

Comparatively modern research has shown that there are distinct benefits for premature babies, asthmatic and diabetic children, plus those with various skin disorders. Studies that span numerous different cultures concur that babies who experience cuddling, massage, being carried, rocking and breastfeeding tend to grow into far less aggressive, more compassionate and more socially responsive adults. Best of all, you and baby will have fantastic fun sharing this unique bonding experience!

One-to-one Sessions

We offer private courses which can take place during the day, evening or weekends, which is a great way of making sure that the other parent does not miss out on this wonderful experience of bonding.

Emma Dewey, Consultant and Child Care Professional, teaches private one-to-one Baby Massage courses which allow both parents to learnt this loving skill together and to perfect the strokes at the same time.

The courses are also open to nannies that, with the parents’ permission, can learn the skill for the benefit of their charges. The nanny can then show the parents the techniques, if requested.

The cost of the course is £70 for a 1-hour session, which includes a 100ml bottle of organic oil and hand-outs.

Group Sessions

By learning baby massage in groups you can enjoy a wonderful shared experience and have fun too. It could be your family, friend or other parents from NCT, for example. Sessions are open to up to 8 people, at a cost of £350.00 for 3 sessions.

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