Dr Samantha Bishop is an exceptionally well-qualified child & family psychologist.

Dr Bishop has the following qualifications and memberships:

  • B.Sc. Psychology First Class Honours.
  • Ph.D. Psychology.
  • C:Psychol – Chartered Psychologist.
  • Dip. CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy).
  • AChiPPP – Association of Child Psychologist in Private Practice;
  • NSPCC – Children and Young People, research network;
  • British Psychological Society;
  • British Association of Person Centred Therapy;
  • MSFTR – UK therapists register;
  • Fellow of The Royal Society of Arts.
  • Association of Child and Adult Mental Health (ACAMH).
  • Trustee – Children’s Legal Centre.
  • Providing Support for Those with Behavioural and Emotional Difficulties

Dr Bishop deals with the spectrum of psychological, non-clinical behaviours that affect infants, teenagers and adults. In practice, this she specialises in major events related to stressful or traumatic occurrences, including family breakdown and divorce. She can also explore areas such as coping, child behavioural issues, sexual abuse survival and issues with self-esteem. She can work with parents, pupils and schools to combat bullying and work with families to resolve conflict and provide support. Dr Bishop will also undertake contracts for educational establishments, helping children and young people as well as staff.

She has collaborated with some of the foremost children’s charities, as well as teaching and lecturing for a number of years, culminating in her being selected to be a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

Dr. Bishop has private practices in Harley Street and Staffordshire, where she works to support children experiencing behavioural and emotional difficulties. She helps patients and their families, spanning all ages, working through current issues and the consequences of a former trauma such as sexual abuse. Her work provides psychological and emotional scaffolding, enabling recovery.

She specialises in practising cognitive and behavioural therapy. Her approach takes in discursive analysis and utilizes the traditional ways of providing psychological support, moving patients forward to adapt and change as they require.

Dr. Bishop does not provide a diagnostic or clinical service. More than counselling, it is founded on the fundamental psychological approaches. Adults are enabled to look at all the key psychological factors impacting upon their life; they can be heard and given professional support. Patients may be referred as required, but the primary consideration is that they are listened to.

*If appointments are cancelled less than 48 hours beforehand, or if patients do not turn up for their appointment, the full session rate will be charged.

Dr Bishop also manages Look2Children, which is a research company and is often consulted by the media for her professional comment and opinion. She is a Chartered Psychologist, a Trustee, and a trainer, plus works as an assessor for autistic children.

Clinical interests – Children’s behaviour, parental coping strategies, sexual abuse support, behavioural change, self-esteem, bullying.

Research interests - Children and young people’s welfare, the effect of childhood events on adulthood, early intervention impacting upon child behaviour.

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