Whether they are providing convalescent care, respite care or palliative care, a live-in carer can be of a huge help to a patient and their family.

Carers Offering Help, Support, Encouragement and Friendly Advice

Below you can read all about the three main types of care we can provide.

    Convalescence care

A convalescent carer will help a patient while they recover from illness, an accident, an operation or medical treatment. They can assist with everything from providing specialist nursing care to helping the patient get back into their usual routine now they have returned home.

It is likely that even the simplest of tasks will be more difficult at first, so a carer can offer help, support, encouragement and friendly advice while remaining compassionate and positive at all times. Convalescent care can be provided on a part-time or full-time basis and is also available in both the short and long term.

    Short term and respite care

We offer a range of respite and short term care services to help out while a patient adjusts to life after being discharged from hospital.

Our carers all have a sensitive and discreet approach because they understand how frustrating it can be for the patient while they work to get back to full health and they intuitively offer the desired amount of support, encouragement and care to ensure the healing process goes as smoothly as possible.

    Palliative and end of life care

Nobody likes to ask for help as they reach the end of their life, but often it is essential to hire a helping and caring extra pair of hands. Our experienced carers will help to relieve pain and prevent suffering so the patient is as comfortable as possible. They act sensitively and respectfully at all times because they have many years of experience providing this kind of care.

A live-in carer will provide the patient's family with reassurance that their relative is being well cared for even when they are too busy to visit because of work and family commitments.

While you may think hiring a carer will take away the patient's independence, it actually makes most people feel much more positive and independent because they are no longer worrying that their family are doing too much for them.

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