The Very Best Household Staff to Suit All your Requirements

The busy modern household often needs specialised staff in a range of areas to support its smooth running on a day-to-day basis.

At Perfect Household Staff we recognise the importance of selecting the very best employees to suit the individual requirements of each home. We therefore only provide household staff of the highest calibre. Our years of extensive experience dedicated to our clients have given us the ability to understand, and accommodate for all requirements.

Due to our established reputation in domestic recruitment, we only attract the the most highly trained, experienced and sort after employees in the industry. All staff are trained and educated to the highest standards to uphold our reputation by demonstrating their professionalism hands on.

Which Domestic Staff to hire?

The exceptional personnel who we provide are experienced in their particular roles. 

We regularly supply meticulous butlers, housekeepers and household managers, couples, reliable chauffeurs and bodyguards, versatile handymen, talented personal chefs and gardeners, exacting personal trainers, indispensable carers and many more staff besides.

Moreover they can be supplied on a permanent or temporary basis, as individuals or couples, with language skills as specified, in the UK as well as Internationally.

Every member of staff that we provide will soon prove to be an asset to your household. Furthermore, each employee comes with a 12 weeks guarantee period where we either provide a replacement or a refund of the fees.

We are confident that we will exceed your expectations in our service, understanding and level of applicants.

Are your Staff searching for Jobs?

Find our available domestic staff jobs here.

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