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Where to find temporary cleaning jobs?

The best temporary cleaning jobs can be found using professional domestic recruitment agencies such as Perfect Household Staff, various recruitment platforms and social media. Often our candidates find positions with the assistance of their friends and acquaintances. 

Other than being registered with us, it is advisable for candidates to register with as many professional domestic recruitment agencies as possible and always keep an eye on various job boards such as: Indeed or LinkedIn and Gumtree as well as using your social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Job seekers who are thinking about registering with Perfect Household Staff are welcome to visit our jobs board.  

How to secure a temporary cleaning job?

Other than being a professional housekeeper with a minimum of 3 years private housekeeping experience, it is crucial that the working days / hours in the job description and your availability match. Please contact our housekeeping departenment for more information.

It is important that following registration with Perfect Household Staff and during the interview with the employer, you understand that the position matches your requirements and experience. All positions require certain skills such as polishing silver, wardrobe management, cooking and many others so it is important that you have the experience required.

Prior to attending any interviews with your potential employer, it is advisable to practice the questions which may be asked during the interview. If you would like to receive a list of questions that could be asked by an employer during the interview, please ask our recruitment consultants working on filling the temp cleaning job.

Why chose a temporary cleaning job?

Temp cleaning jobs are often chosen due to their flexibility. When a full time employee leaves for annual leave, sickness or maternity leave, families often try to replace their full time housekeeper with a temporary housekeeper.

Professional housekeepers, can search for temp cleaning jobs for additional hours when their employer is away on holiday or even during their own annual holiday.

The types of housekeeper / cleaner jobs we cover:

The benefits of temporary cleaning jobs:

  • Flexible Working Hours
  • Additional Pay
  • Varied Working Day
  • Potential of Permanent Employment

If you are personally interested in our vacancies or know someone who may be, please apply or share our temp cleaning jobs.

To find out more about how we can help you to find the perfect household staff job, please contact Perfect Household Staff by clicking here to email or phoning: +44 20 3318 4468. Alternatively please register with us by clicking  the button below.

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