A Governess is a senior nanny who is usually responsible for your children’s social development and education.

She will be highly experienced in her role so she can provide an excellent level of service for you.

Entrust your Children's Education with an Excellent Social Skilled Governess

We have outlined below the many ways she can help you.

  • Governesses can work alone or alongside the nanny or mother to care for and educate each child.
  • Governesses usually work five or six days a week and have responsibility for children between the ages of three and 16.
  • The governesses we can provide you with have a high level of education and they have all either gone through further education or have a teaching background. This means you can trust her to help your children with their homework as well as schooling them in any new subjects.
  • A governess will also teach your child excellent social skills and can help them learn a new language or a musical instrument if you wish.
  • We provide a bespoke service that always meets our clients’ needs, so if you require a governess with a specific skill, just let us know and we will find her for you.
  • If your children’s social development, emotional awareness and education is important to you, then you will love having a nanny around to ensure they are focusing on learning and development even when you are not around.
  • A governess will be happy to give you constant feedback and take on any suggestions you may have to make sure you still have a very active part in your children’s care.

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