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Perfect Household Staff has the ultimate pet chauffeur service. We obsessively love animals and take their comfort and welfare extremely seriously.

Whether you are going on holiday or relocating in Europe, Perfect Household Staff can ensure that your beloved pets can join you without the trauma of flying in cargo or in the back of a van.

No matter the destination in the UK or Europe, Perfect Household Staff provides a bespoke service for your specific needs. If your pet is small enough to fly in the cabin arriving into a European airport or into a train terminal such Paris (for example), we offer an airport and station pick-up to drive your pet back to the UK while you continue your journey by air.

Your pets aren’t baggage, they’re family.


Our drivers are compliant with UK Government DEFRA Compliant and a Holder of Type 2 Animal Transporter Authorisation of Pets by Road (valid for all journeys).

We use a Mercedes ML 4x4 SUV, chosen for its large rear space, comfort, luxury and high safety specifications. The vehicle is fitted with brand new Michelin winter tyres from October through to March each year and we also carry snow chains in the event of much colder climes. We have selected this type of vehicle as we aim to transport your dog in the safest and most luxurious way possible (regular vans are noisy, uncomfortable and can become very cold or hot inside depending on the weather).

The Client can specify how they would like their pet to travel in the vehicle. There is a pet guard for the boot, so your pet can travel in his or her own bed, or in a bed that Perfect Household Staff can supply. Perfect Household Staff also has a secured crate if the Client prefers. Your pet can travel on the back seat in a pet hammock which is attached by a harness. The car will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before and after each journey.

If possible, we will happily come and meet your pets before we collect them to ensure the pet is familiar with our driver Hugo and to discuss any particular needs such as food, medication or habits. As an additional service, we can also take your pet to the vet in the departing countries to obtain the relevant inoculations and paperwork.

We stop every two to three hours, or whenever necessary to give the pets water and to stretch their legs in a safe place and always on a lead. If an overnight stay is required, we stay in pet friendly hotels. There will also be regular photo updates and you are more than welcome to FaceTime if you wish.

Vets in Europe and UK have been plotted along the most popular routes incase of emergency, but we would make sure that whatever the destination we were prepared in advance. We have insurance to complete the journey incase we have a problem with our vehicle.



The Client is responsible to comply with DEFRA Pet Travel Scheme (if the dog is travelling out of the UK). Full information is at A summary of the required documentation and inoculation(s) is listed below.

Valid EU Passport

Microchipped and date of registration

Rabies vaccination at least 21 days prior to departure (and after the dog has been microchipped)

Before entering the UK, all dogs must be treated for tapeworm and travel within 5 days of receiving the treatment, but not less than 24 hours. Please note that treatment is not required for dogs entering from Ireland, Finland or Malta.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information to ensure the return goes smoothly. Full terms of business are available upon request.


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