Your safety is paramount for PHS.

Of fundamental importance to the provision of household staff is trustworthiness. We have to be as certain as possible that the staff we provide possess the highest standards of loyalty and commitment. As a matter of course, we carefully source and rigorously interview all candidates, thoroughly checking their documentation and records.

Furthermore, we offer an additional positive security vetting service by which we can enhance our clients’ confidence in the honesty and integrity of individuals who have unsupervised access to their homes, their valuables and their children.

We are able to do this by having at our disposal a private intelligence analyst who, when commissioned by us to do so, will re-interview the candidate at his or her home address, gather all relevant information and conduct thorough research of the candidate’s lifestyle, family and associates. The outcome is the formulation of an integrity profile which forms the basis of a comprehensive risk assessment.

The service can also be provided on an ongoing basis with reference to established members of staff. Our clients may from time to time perceive subtle changes in the behaviour of certain workers and a gentle re-assessment is occasionally required. This is carried out carefully and sensitively, so as not to alarm the employee or provoke ill-feeling.

We find it useful to remember that familiarity can lead to complacency. Many of our very pleasant clients treat their established staff almost as family members. Whilst this is a comfortable and civilised approach, it should never be forgotten that household staff have their own lives, families and aspirations, not all of which are always beyond the risk of conflict.


To help our Clients with acquiring peace of mind PHS is happy to offer following thorough investigation services:

  1. The Client contacts the Employee/Candidate and requests his or her authority to be visited by PHS Analyst.
  2. The Client passes the Employee's  details, preferably a CV and contact details, to PHS Analyst who then make direct contact with the Employee/Candidate to arrange a mutually convenient time for security interview at the Candidate’s home address.
  3. PHS Analyst conducts preliminary pre-interview research of open source and subscription databases, including social media, based on details supplied by the Client.
  4. PHS Analyst then interviews the Employee/Candidate. This is a non-confrontational encounter seeking openness and transparency. It is not an attempt to make the Employee/Candidate feel in any way uncomfortable. Indeed, the Employee/Candidate is assured from the outset that he or she need not answer any questions and will not be pressed to do so. The security interview is presented as an opportunity for the Candidate to demonstrate honesty, integrity and a willingness to understand and assist with the Client’s security concerns. The Employee/Candidate is additionally assured that the information gathered during interview and vetting process will be made available only to the Client, and not to any other person, official body or private company.

    The security interview is structured under the following headings:

    1. Family and Accommodation
    2. Education and Career
    3. Health
    4. Travel
    5. Legal
    6. Financial
    7. Politics and Religion
    8. Pastimes and Hobbies
    9. Social Media
    10. General
    11. Conclusion
  5. PHS Analyst then conducts post-interview research, based on the information obtained during interview.
  6. PHS Analyst then reports to the Client. If anomalies have arisen during the post-interview investigation the report may include a suggestion that a further interview be conducted to clear things up. This need not be at the candidate’s home address and additional cost will be minimal.