A live out nanny can work up to six days a week helping to care for your children whilst adapting to your needs and routine.

Below is an outline of the role of live-out nanny.

  • How many hours and days a live-out nanny work can be tailored to match the needs of your household, but they often work between 10 and 12 hours a day and for five or six days a week.
  • A live-out nanny will not live with you, but it can be part of their job description to babysit at least once a week if you need them to.
  • Hiring a nanny who can regularly babysit saves you the hassle of finding a sitter every weekend and it allows your children to be left with someone they know and trust too.
  • Duties can include doing the school run, taking care of the children’s clothes, preparing their meals, tidying their bedrooms or making sure a playroom is kept in good condition.
  • Your nanny can also perform driving duties, including taking the children on trips to the swimming baths or to special dance or musical instrument lessons.
  • A nanny can arrange your children’s play dates for you and keep track of their schedule so you don’t have to, which is useful in these modern times when our children seem to have an even more hectic social life than we do.
  • Your nanny can also play a role in your child’s education and development and if you require one with specific skills, then we can provide this for you. We can find you a bilingual nanny who will be able to speak a different language, from french to russian.
  • While your nanny won’t reside with you, we will choose one that lives less than an hour from your home so they can be available in an emergency.
  • A nanny will also be able to provide live-in cover while the parents are away and can travel abroad with you too, which means you can stay in a private villa or hotel of your choice rather than choosing a holiday resort with an on-site crèche.

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