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Find a housekeeper with COVID antibodies?

  Are UK Housekeepers with COVID antibodies more likely to find a job? Throughout COVID, private housekeepers and other domestic staff are working over time in order to support their employers. O...
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Find a Nanny with Covid Antibodies?

Are UK Nannies with COVID antibodies more likely to find a job? During the pandemic, domestic staff are working tirelessly to assist private discerning families with childcare and household support.&n...
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House managers can be critical to the smooth running of their employer's life, home and staff.

Emma Jacobs of the Financial Times looks at how these domestic professionals support the affluent. The duties of a house manager have changed substantially over the years. There are still traditional ...
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Domestic housekeeping tips on dealing with lime scale

How can a housekeeper clean lime scale buildup caused by hard water? In this article we will demonstrate several housekeeping tips on how to remove hard water buildup and prevent damage to your kitche...
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Live in nannies and how to find them.

How to find a live in nanny or a live in nanny job? For experienced nannies it is always beneficial to contact a professional domestic recruitment agency such as Perfect Household Staff. We will never...
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Почему русскоговорящим семьям в Англии лучше нанять русcкоязычную няню?

Для семей, родным языком которых является русский, при переезде за рубеж часто становится актуальным поиск русскоговорящего персонала. Если же рассматривать среди персонала няню, как самое важное звен...
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How are we supporting our job seekers and employers during COVID-19?

How are we supporting our job seekers and employers during COVID-19? We trust that you are keeping well and safe during this pandemic. Firstly we want to reassure our candidates and clients that the P...
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The Close Protection a Body Guard offers.

  The Close Protection a Bodyguard Offers We understand that a number of our clients may require the services of one or more personal bodyguards and are pleased be able to offer this service. We ...
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The Diligent Search for Perfection – Sourcing Your Household Staff

Our clients are delighted by the standard of household staff that we supply them with, but many may be surprised by the lengths to which we go to ensure we only hire the best people. For nannies and o...
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The Joy of a Bilingual Nanny

There is currently an ever-increasing demand for excellent bilingual or multilingual nannies among discerning parents. Such nannies provide a unique opportunity for your child to learn a second langua...
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