Instead of being unhappy with your housekeeper and their work performance, have you ever thought of bringing in one of our housekeeper professional trainers?

Do you need someone to effectively train your staff and maintain a consistent standard across several properties?

Our available training packages:

Housekeeping Training & Standarts

Regular training not only enables staff to be aware of current best practice, but it ensures staff are kept motivated, organised and improves the standard.

We run onsite and offsite training on effective housekeeping for bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, laundry rooms, gardens etc…

We also train on effective customer services, encouraging staff to build good rapport with the principals and other staff, ensuring 100% satisfaction by ongoing progression training.

Housekeeping Quality Assurance

We have put together our head housekeepers and butlers to create a system where the housekeeping staff is checked on a regular basis. In order to eliminate any skill fade and promote a quality service.

One of our head housekeepers or auditors will preform regular spot checks on your property and the staff member in order to provide constructive feedback.

We advise that if the candidate is secured through PHS, they will be made aware that such a check up is a possibility. It is relatively easy to monitor the performance of the housekeeping staff as long as we establish a regular visiting schedule.

Housekeeping Health And Safety Training

Whilst conducting health and safety training, we go through the checklist to ensure they understand the importance of complying with industry standard. In fact, this can be often overlooked by private employers and can lead to their insurance policies being nulled.

These checklists include the following areas:


Manual Handling

Operating Equipment

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Risk Assessment Prior to Start

Working & Staying Safe

Working at Height

PHS Ethos

We strongly recommend that employees receive regular training and management. People are much more likely to stay in one job and display loyalty if they feel that they are valued by their employer. It is not always enough to give a good end of year bonus.

Employing our training instructors you will make your employees feel more valued and decrease staff turnover. This is a tiny investment compared to what clients spend on recruitment services to find new employees, not to mention the amount of time it takes to train the new employee on your expectations.

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