A permanent chef can take charge of your kitchen and they will plan, prepare and cook all your meals. Below you will find an outline of the many duties a chef can perform for you.

  • Chefs can also run the food budget and oversee the rest of the kitchen staff and many chefs help out with butler and housekeeping duties too.
  • A permanent cook saves you having to make food every day and it also helps you to make sure you and your family are eating a healthy, balanced diet.
  • Our chefs all have excellent knowledge of nutrition and will make sure each meal includes all the food groups you need.
  • Chefs can also cater for special diets such as vegetarian, diabetic and dairy or gluten-free.
  • Your chef will plan all your meals for you to ensure that every mealtime is exciting. They will introduce you to new foods and cuisines and can cover a range of cooking styles, such as Thai, Japanese, French, Italian and traditional English cooking.
  • Whatever you tastes and needs may be, your cook will meet them by regularly discussing your food requirements with you.
  • If you decide you want to lose weight or need to change your eating plan because you become pregnant, then your chef will be able to offer nutritional advice and tailor your meals accordingly.
  • Chefs can cater for all your business and entertainment functions too and will always plan delicious, high quality menus that will impress your guests.
  • We specialize in providing staff who fit the exact needs of your household or estate, so if you need a chef who combines their role with other duties, we can supply you with a cook who is also well experienced in driving, house management or caring for children.

Employing Domestic Staff 

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