Perfect Nanny is a professional recruiter of nannies, maternity nurses, governesses and other essential household staff.

Everyone employed through us is accustomed to maintaining the highest standards of service. They are fully qualified, have a good command of English, plus in some cases other languages and we always select the person who best fits your family. Thanks to our skilful selection process, we are very pleased to note that many clients contact us following a recommendation (please see our Testimonials).

Also, we invite nannies to attend our unique Nanny Club which is held in London. In this club, our dedicated Child Psychologist and Childcare Professional talk to nannies, furnishing them with relevant advice. As support network is created at the Club, and subjects ranging from current legislation to behaviour issues are covered. Our nannies are also supported in the job-finding arena, as we help them to brush up their CVs and interview technique. As part of our Club, there are also English Nanny Club meetings, which deal with the many interesting topics that are relevant to British childcare workers.

We also offer a Nanny Training Course in-house. This Ofsted-accredited programme has been tailor-made for nannies. It comprises CACHE Childcare Training, Private Baby Massage and a Managing Behaviour Training course. Each successful attendee will receive a certificate.

Our Qualified British Nannies

British Nannies may possess any of the following qualifications:

    • BTEC

      The BTEC National Diploma in Child Studies (Nursery Nursing) is certification of the fact that the student undertook a full-time course. This is of a higher level than the NNEB diploma and involves a greater degree of academic work. It is structured to be of assistance to those who wish to nurse, teach, become a social worker or work within childcare. As a 2-year course it is distinct from the BTEC National Certificate in Childhood Studies, a 1-year course for mature students. More academic than practical, the BTEC National Diploma in Child Studies (Nursery Nursing) enables people to work in a nursery or as a nanny.

    • ADCE

      The ADCE (Advanced Diploma in Childcare and Education) is exclusively available to experienced Childcares and includes work that addresses special educational needs. It also looks at the assessment and training methods used within childcare and education. Holders of the ADCE diploma can carry out practically any childcare role, up to nursery manager level.

    • GNVQ

      GNVQ courses are nationally-recognised vocational qualifications, often regarded as an alternative to A-levels. Overseen by City and Guilds, they are designed to educate about childcare and related areas. Competence-based, including practical experience and assessment levels 2 to 4 may take up to 2 years to achieve

      Course definitions:

      Level 2: The student will be marked on a range of skills relating to a child's physical, emotional and social development and well-being. The holder on a Level 2 certificate will be qualified to start a childcare career, as a nursery assistant or home help.

      Level 3: The student will be assessed across 15 units, which includes taking care of children unsupervised. Also looks into the management aspects and playing a supporting role for the child’s family. This is essentially the equivalent of an NNEB. The holder may work as a nanny, with parental guidance recommended for those who are newly qualified.

      Level 4: This is an assessment for managerial skills – running a play area and overseeing a team of workers. This qualification indicates that the holder is qualified for every type of childcare career.

    • CACHE

      This stands for The Council for Awards in Childcare and Education, a diploma; there is also a 1-year qualification in Childcare and Education. The course requires that the student undertakes 14 modules which cover childcare in theory and practice. The holder of this qualification can begin a career that centres on working with children.

    • NNEB

      The NNEB diploma is a 2-year, full-time course which covers the care of children between from birth to 7 years of age. A highly respected qualification and perhaps the most recognised in this field, it includes both theoretical and practical study. The course explores every facet of the needs of children – physical, emotional, educational and more. It also covers practical considerations surrounding a child’s health, play needs and first aid requirements. A holder of the NNEB is qualified to work in a nursery and works as a nanny, with parental guidance recommended for those who are newly qualified.

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Perfect Household Staff recruiters are always searching for experienced professional housekeepers who have been working in private family homes for a minimum of 3 years. If you enjoy your work as a domestic professional, we look forward to hearing from you. Current vacancies on our jobs board.


We are looking for professional nannies who are passionate about working with children and assisting their development. Nannies who have experience being employed as domestic professionals are always welcome at Perfect Household Staff. Current vacancies on our jobs board.

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Maternity Nurse

Our domestic staffing agency have been finding the perfect job for maternity nurses for over a decade. Perfect Household Staff have found jobs for multilingual professional maternity nurses, internationally as well as in the UK. Current vacancies on our jobs board. Current vacancies on our jobs board.