international domestic staff

Should you require international staff for your overseas residences, Perfect Household Staff would be delighted to source them for you.

Find Experienced International Domestic Staff

We can help you find experienced international staff in every field, including childcare, catering staff, a household team, gardeners, personal assistants and security staff.

  • Perfect Household Staff can also meet all your catering and hospitality needs by supplying you with a top-class chefs, permanent cooks and kitchen staff.
  • A butler or housekeeper can help you to run your household and supervise your team of domestic staff, while a personal assistant can tend to a variety of office and household affairs.
  • Perfect Household Staff can even help you to find highly experienced aeroplane pilots and cabin crew along with yacht captains, deckhands and shipmates.
  • Whichever roles you are trying to fill, we can help you to find international staff who speak the language of your choice. All staff members are available on  either a full or part-time basis.
  • We can also provide you with temporary staff, to accompany you on your holidays or business trips.

We are proud to offer a unique, bespoke service that carefully meets all our clients’ requirements and we will dedicate ourselves to finding the perfect staff for you and your family.

Employing Domestic Staff 

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