A housekeeper serves the whole family:

  • Duties include cleaning the house, doing all the laundry, helping out in the kitchen, shopping and running all those little errands that the family just don't have the time to do.
  • Perfect Household Staff's housekeepers can assist in every aspect of the running of your household and whether you choose a live-out or live-in housekeeper, they will prove invaluable and take the stress out of your busy and hectic life.
  • Housekeepers are excellent all-rounders, but you can choose one that has the specialist skills you are looking for too. We offer a bespoke service that recognizes and fulfils the unique needs of your household. The examples of the highly skilled staff we can supply you with include the following:

Find a Housekeeper who Can Reach All your Household’s Needs

The housekeeper and nanny in one: A housekeeper can help with your childcare and lend an extra pair of hands when a main nanny is off, a full-time mum wants a much-needed rest or essential jobs such as the school run need doing.

The housekeeper with cooking skills: If you need help in the kitchen, then you can choose a housekeeper than can rustle up healthy and delicious meals for all your family. They can help out with special occasions and help to prepare packed lunches too.

The housekeeper and PA: A housekeeper can also help you to pay the bills, keep on top of all the paperwork and run your diary, so you never miss a bill or appointment again. When you need to plan a holiday or a business trip, they can help you with that too.

The specialist ladies' maid housekeeper: If you require high-quality clothing care, a hair stylist, a beautician or a personal shopper, then we can provide you with one of our high-end housekeepers, who are as at home providing high-end services as they are helping with the usual housekeeping duties.

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