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Hiring a live out Housekeeper

The benefits of hiring a live out housekeeper are limitless. Whether it is a part time or full time housekeeper job, permanent or temporary, our clients have a peace of mind in knowing that a professional housekeeper is taking care of their every day domestic needs.

Whether you have been trying to find a live out housekeeper for a long time or you are just starting your search, Perfect Household Staff will cater for your needs. Our 15 years of experience in placing the perfect domestic staff in private family homes will ensure that we will find a live out housekeeper perfectly matching your requirements.

Have you ever asked yourself: where can I find a Live Out Housekeeper?

Our experience in domestic recruitment has helped us build a tremendous database of live out domestic housekeepers. Perfect Household Staff clients rest assured that our finely tuned recruitment process guarantees their ideal live out housekeeper is just a phone call away.

The efforts we place in our pre screening processes have earned Perfect Household Staff its unrivalled reputation with candidate and clients. Due to our screening processes, we only register and recommend the best housekeepers available on the market today. Our meticulous recruitment process allows you to rest assured that we will provide you with live out housekeeper matching your every requirement.

Our 70% client referral rate speaks for itself.

What are the live out Housekeepers Duties?

  • Cleaning of the entire property
  • Simple Cooking
  • Laundry and wardrobe management
  • Running errands
  • Cleaning up after children
  • Local or online shopping
  • Polishing silver, marble cleaning, antiques care
  • Cleaning of wet rooms
  • Cleaning windows
  • Simple gardening
  • Polishing shoes
  • Managing deliveries
  • Keeping an itemised list of valuables
  • Others...

Additional Housekeeping Skills:

  • Pet care
  • Packing and unpacking suitcases
  • Silver Service

Our Live Out Housekeeper Vetting Process

We have tailored the strictest vetting procedure in the private housekeeping industry through many years of experience serving our discerning clients. We understand the value of privacy, security and the level of housekeeping our clients are accustomed to. Your security and privacy are our first priority.

Our domestic staffing managers ensure that the housekeeping department recruiters carry out the correct interviewing procedures to ensure that all live in housekeeper who we submit, have the experience and expertise your family requires.

*Filling out a requirements form will take a couple of minutes*

Housekeeping Requirements Form

Is your live out Housekeeper looking for a Job?

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