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Live in nannies and how to find them.

Live in nannies and how to find them.

How to find a live in nanny or a live in nanny job?

For experienced nannies it is always beneficial to contact a professional domestic recruitment agency such as Perfect Household Staff. We will never charge a job seeker for our services meaning we are only interested in making a perfect match to ensure longevity of employment.

When parents try to find a live in nanny with the help of Perfect Household Staff, they expect our candidates to have a minimum of 3 years professional experience working for a private family. Usually when parents are looking to hire a live in nanny, they will look for candidates who have previous experience working in a live in nanny job. 

It is paramount that Perfect Household Staff nannies understand the professionalism which is expected of them whilst being able to adapt to caring for children in a private environment, in a live in nanny job, whilst understanding that the nanny job remains a formal position. Our nanny jobs UK and nanny jobs London will always highlight that we are looking to find a live in nanny who is professional and has consistent experience working with children of a similar age within a private family home.

Usually live in nanny jobs are 5 or 6 days per week and the daily hours can be above 12 hours per day with a break in between. The parents may also request that the nanny job will require several baby sitting evenings throughout the week.

Live in nanny jobs UK or live in nanny jobs in London usually involve the employer providing the nanny with their own separate bedroom whilst the bathroom can either be ensuite or shared with the children. Occasionally Perfect Household Staff have nanny vacancies where the nanny is provided with separate accommodation such as a cottage or a flat however, these vacancies are normally targeted at more experienced candidates. When families try to find a live in nanny, they are often looking for the employment to be long term for the benefit of the children.

When negotiating the terms of employment, additional weekend work or babysitting should be agreed in advance of commencement of work and usually to be paid in addition to the annual gross salary based on an hourly rate. It is important that any situations concerning changes to the nanny job description such as travel are spoken about well in advance to avoid any misunderstanding.

A great search term when looking for nanny jobs is live in nanny jobs near me. When using google to find nanny jobs near me, please be aware that live in nanny vacancies will request that the nanny has formal working experience as well as formal qualifications in childcare before applying.

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What do nannies do during the day?

A nannies day is never boring or mundane and is always full of fun activities and laughter. Most importantly nannies keep children safe and help them develop through fun development activities.

A live in nannie’s day will normally start with a morning routine where the nanny will prepare breakfast, help the child with washing, brushing teeth and dressing. Throughout the day the nanny duties will involve preparing healthy nutritious meals for the child, tidying up toys, washing, ironing and organising the child's clothes. Occasionally some of these nanny duties will be completed by a housekeeper and it is important to note that a live in nanny should never be expected to do any deep cleaning although some nannies may offer to do so. A nanny housekeeper however, will be expected to carry out deep cleaning as well as sometimes cooking for the family but it is important to note that the time taken for these duties will be taken away from the time spent with the little one.

Arguably the most enjoyable day time nanny duties will include organising developing activities through play and lessons such as painting, reading, dancing, singing, theatres, visiting museums, going to parks and sports. These activities are normally planned by the nanny in order to further the development of the child and all professional nannies have plenty of experience and skills to utilise during these activities.

A huge benefit of hiring a multilingual live in nanny is that they can help your children with learning a new language or practice in order to not forget your native language. Perfect Household Staff offer a huge variety of bilingual live in nanny jobs UK and nanny jobs London.

In the evenings, a live in nanny will normally preform what is known as a bed time routine where the duties include washing, brushing teeth and reading or story telling.

The standard nanny duties:

  • Provide safe and friendly environment for the children
  • Morning and bedtime routine
  • Coordinating daily activities, play dates and appointments
  • Organising educational activities
  • Arts and crafts
  • Creating a nurturing environment
  • Maintenance of children spaces and belongings
  • Cooking for children​
  • Assisting with homework
  • Introducing a new language
  • Helping with setting up a sleeping pattern
  • Reading and story telling

Perfect Household Staff have a dedicated childcare departenment of professional recruiters who will be happy to provide parents and nannies with a free consultation and answer any questions that you may have regarding any nanny job.

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How much do live in nannies earn?

The current market rate for a live in nannies’ salary is between 450 GBP net and 800 GBP net per week however, these figures can vary due to a range of factors such as; the working hours, experience , driving duties, languages, teaching musical instruments, etc...

There are many aspects to consider when trying to find a live in nanny which is why the best option is to always allow a professional agency to conduct the search.

If you search for nanny jobs near me or nanny jobs London, you will notice that there are nanny vacancies published by Perfect Household Staff. For example, a family may require a nanny to be a fluent in both English and Russian, hold a driving licence, have a minimum of 10 years experience, childcare qualifications as well as the position being 12 hours / day and 5.5 days per week. Due to the high requirements, the standard living expenses and lack of such candidates, a nanny job such as this would pay £700 plus net per week.

Alternatively, if you search for nanny jobs UK, you may find nanny jobs which require a live in nanny to speak basic English, have 2 or 3 years experience in childcare, the working day will be around 5 hours per day, and to work 5 days per week. Nanny vacancies such as this will pay around £400.00 / Week Net.

Accommodation is provided in both positions. Even if the accommodation provided to the more experienced nanny will be of higher rental value, it will not impact the nannies’ expected salary but it will act as an incentive to attract a better candidate. For the less experienced nanny working out of London, the accommodation provided being a separate cottage or separate flat may also attract a better candidate.

The employer is always responsible for paying National Insurance and Tax contributions on the behalf of the nanny. In the UK, from 6th April 2019 as dictated by the HMRC employers are also responsible for making pension contributions at a rate of 3% of the nannies salary however, the total contributions have to make up 8% of the nannies salary meaning the nanny is responsible for paying 5% of their pension contribution themselves. It is important to take in to account these calculation before looking to hire a live in nanny or accepting a nanny job. Perfect Household Staff provide a payroll service which you can enquire about by calling +44(0)203 318 4468 and requesting to speak with someone from our payroll departenment.

A live in nanny will be entitled to 4 weeks paid annual holiday inclusive of national bank holidays. When working national bank holidays, nannies are usually paid extra for those days but this has to be agreed in advance. A fair way to decide when a nanny takes their leave is to split the days in two meaning the employer will chose which 2 weeks the nanny will take off during the year and the nanny will decide the other two weeks.

When travelling, usually the working hours will increase and therefore it is advisable that any additional payment or time off is agreed prior to employment commencement. All travel expenses inclusive of travel, accommodation and food will be covered by the employer.

What is special about Perfect Household Staff?

Our highly trained childcare departenment has been operating for over 15 years. We strongly believe that investing in our recruitment consultants through training and experience gives us an overwhelming advantage over our competitors. Our agency became a household name through exceptional service and referrals, growing from a boutique nanny agency to now cover the entire spectrum of domestic staff internationally.

We have been placing live in, live out, full time, part time, permanent and temporary nannies in the child care industry for over 15 years of dedicated service to our discerning clients. Perfect Household Staff work with many family offices and private households on a retainer basis to deliver consistent domestic staff placements.

Due to the security requirements surrounding our clients, we have developed a highly sophisticated nanny interview and refference checking procedures. We will carry out enhanced DBS checks on our clients behalf to ensure that the childcare providers who we put forward are fully vetted.

Our head office is located in London where we always welcome our clients for consultations and interviews. We believe in maintaining our relationships throughout the recruitment process and beyond through a range of services such as payroll and general HR support.

Our client rest assured that they are receiving a premium luxury service from a domestic recruitment agency who understand their unique requirements. We understand the importance of privacy and ensure to sign NDA agreements with our nannies and clients.

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How to conduct a Nanny interview?

Nanny interviews are conducted at our offices, face to face with the candidate. During the nanny interview we discuss the nannies career and experience in great length, ensuring that they have a passion for working with children.

Throughout the nanny interview we will ensure to ask questions about any gaps in employment, reasons for leaving and present nannies with questions in relation to the position that they are applying for. All documentation is thoroughly checked by our specially trained childcare recruitment consultants inclusive of any educational certification, identifying documentation, driving licences, proof of address and references.

Our childcare departenment is well known for being multilingual, allowing us to check the fluency of several languages during the nanny interview.

Following the nanny interview, our recruitment consultants will conduct a thorough investigation in to the nannies background via refference checks, by calling the nannies previous employers and verbally checking every refference.

Whether you will chose to use our services or not, the recruitment and interview process can be very stressful. We ensure that that you are relieved of that stress by taking on the search responsibility and providing the highest quality vacancies for the best candidates available on the market.

We expect only the best from our candidates, just like you can expect only the best from us.

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