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Hampstead families are relying on Perfect Household Staff for over 15 years to provide the best housekeeping services in London. Our reputation speaks for itself with up to 70% of business coming through referrals. Providing professional domestic housekeeping services in Hampstead has been our top priority. We offer both permanent and temporary Hampstead housekeeping staff. Whether you are looking for a full time or part time housekeepers we have the domestic professionals on standby.

Exceptional housekeepers who work tirelessly to satisfy your every requirement in managing wardrobes, unpacking and packing suitcases, cooking and meeting and greeting guests. You can rely on Perfect Household Staff to be your trusted and reliable housekeeping agency Hampstead.

Whether your housekeeping requirements are in the Hampstead area, the rest of the UK or overseas, we are continuously recruiting the perfect housekeepers, for live in, part time, permanent or temporary housekeeping roles.

We Pride Ourselves In Being One Of Hampstead's Top Housekeeping Agency

Our Hampstead housekeepers receive the best hands on training from London's renowned hotels and butlers. Their eye for detail has been developed over many years of domestic service. We understand the fine details of managing a luxury property, servicing a luxury wardrobe and always plan their day to remain discreet giving you the privacy and professional service you are used to.

Our domestic cleaners have experience working with fine fabrics, silver polishing, taking care of antique furniture and fine art, meeting and greeting guests as well as many other unique services our discerning clients request.

Quality Housekeeping Agency In Hampstead London

Being the number one housekeeping agency in Hampstead has taken countless hours of recruiting domestic staff on the behalf of affluent families. We are completely confidential, experienced and strictly qualify every candidate. 

Our housekeeping departenment will ensure that you are completely taken care of during and following the search. We handle every housekeeper search as completely unique.

Our Housekeeping Departenment's Vetting Procedures

We have tailored the strictest vetting procedure in the private housekeeping industry through many years of experience whilst serving our discerning clients. We understand the value of privacy, security and the level of housekeeping our clients are accustomed to. Your security and privacy are our first priority.

Our domestic staffing managers ensure that the housekeeping department recruiters carry out the correct interviewing procedures to ensure that all live out housekeepers who place, have the experience and expertise your family requires.

Hampstead Housekeeper Salary:

Hourly: From £13.00 / Hour Net to £35.00 / Hour Net

Yearly Gross: From £30,000.00 to £63,000.00 / Year Gross

For professional Live in Housekeepers, the cost of the accommodation provided is covered by the employer and whilst being a part of the package, it will not effect the salary.

As a bonus, some clients offer ordering a taxi home if the employee has been working late.

For international positions, other than accommodation, the employer will normally also include return flights in the package. 

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