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PHS Job 452, Nanny/Housekeeper , Live IN or OUT, Full Time, Hambledon, Surrey Salary Negotiable

PHS Job 452, Nanny/Housekeeper , Live IN or OUT, Full Time, Hambledon, Surrey Salary Negotiable

PHS Job 452

A lovely family based in Hambledon, Godalming, Surrey are searching for a Nanny / Housekeeper to look after their 6 months old baby. This position requires a level of flexibility and pragmatic thinking. The family also have dogs and horses so we are looking for a person who enjoys animals and the outdoors. As the principals can be in the public eye, discretion is vitally important in this role and you may be required to sign an NDA. Baby’s grandmother also lives with the family and plays a very active role in taking care of the baby hence this role is a true mixture of nannying and housekeeping. The family have two older children who are away at University and home in holidays and occasional weekends.

Your responsibility will be split between caring for the baby and housekeeping. This will incorporate all aspects of housekeeping including cleaning, tidying, laundry (putting away ironing but not doing it), unpacking shopping and general housekeeping including cooking for the baby and occasionally for the family if you are happy to do so. We are looking for someone who can fit in to the families busy life style, is very much hands on and possesses good common sense.

The position could be live in or live out as the family are very flexible. In fact, although this job description can sound like it is a very busy day, this is not entirely the case as frequently, if you are finished with your duties ahead of schedule, you will be allowed to finish early. This family will not clock watch and believe in managing the output not the hours. No two days will be the same and you will be able to decide your own hours within reason when you are not caring for the baby. Some weeks there may be several shorter days, some weeks if one or both are travelling on business there will be longer days. For the live IN candidates, a very large bedroom with living space and with private bathroom is provided. There is a very large garden and land so someone who enjoys the outdoors will appreciate this too.

The ideal candidate must be experienced in working with babies and toddlers and have good command of the English language, be kind, caring and focussed on nursing the baby, willing to go to activities and groups as needed. The ideal candidate will be also extremely flexible with working hours which can be agreed ahead of time, reliable, organised, pragmatic and relaxed. The family are laid back and fun, believein children learning though play and experience and making the most of life. If you suit these requirements, do not have any animal allergies, this position is undoubtedly for you! Once again, the principals are very flexible in their requirements and are looking forward to meeting new candidates. It is important to mention that the family is relaxed and are used to employing people in their businesses as well as at home and have good long lasting relationships with their staff who recommend them as a family. Needless to say, you will be looked after.

Type: Permanent, Full Time, Live IN or OUT
Working days: 5 days per week
Working Hours: flexible depending on the families working diary and commutes. Some example weeks are below:

Example Working Week

Monday. - have baby monitor from 6.30am when couple leave to commute, care for baby from when waking around 7am. Look after baby etc until 5pm when Grandmother takes over.
Tuesday - Grandmother has baby until 10am, you start around 9am for housework and take baby for 3.5 hours at 10am until 1.30pm . Grandmother has baby, you complete 2 hours of housework and finish when complete.
Wednesday - have baby monitor from 6.30am until baby wakes and then look after baby including baby group locally until 1pm. Any housework needed after this and then finish when complete
Thursday - start around 10am day of housework as needed, look after baby for 2 hours in day whilst grandmother walks the dogs, finish when housework complete depending on week so far suspect around 3/4pm. Possibly feed and bath baby one evening a week whilst parents at work functions.
Friday - 4 hours of housework as needed. Grandmother or parent has baby all day

This is an example week however we stress that although there will be two early mornings, they will rarely be with a long day and on some days there will be few hours required. Full time wages will be paid every week.

Salary: Negotiable
Starting date: April 2019

Nanny / Housekeeper duties may include:
Morning Routine (eg, waking up, brushing teeth, washing, making the bed, getting dressed)
Preparing a healthy breakfast and supervising
Daily routine (outside and inside activities, feeding, potty training etc)
Tidying of child's areas (eg. putting away toys, washing and ironing the babies clothes etc)
Housekeeping (eg. taking care of the family laundry, kitchen and bathroom cleaning, keeping the general areas clean and tidy, keeping bedrooms clean and tidy, no ironing but unpacking and storing it, watching over contractors if required, unpacking shopping and ensuring shopping list is kept up to date for family to order)
Development activities (eg. arranging play dates, setting up a development program museums, theatre, music school)
Bed time routine on any days appropriate
Getting ready for the following day
Reporting to parents on any developments
>If you are personally interested in the vacancy or are aware of another potential candidate who may be interested in such a vacancy, please apply via the website or email


We are always exited to register new applicants and are happy to answer any questions our candidates have on the vacancies!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call +44 (0) 203 318 4468

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Three years of Nanny experience
Good Command of English
First Aid
DBS Check Complete
Good with children

For live IN candidates very large bedroom with private bathroom is provided

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