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Join our Westminster Office!

Join our Westminster Office!

Would you like to consider joining our team in Westminster Office?

We need someone who is happy to carry out:

1. Communication with Candidates / languages are a bonus as we work internationally.

2. Administrative work.

3. A good sense of humour.

4. A wish to work and achieve in a team but can be left alone/trusted.

5. Sufficient in writing email, using Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and our own database.

6. professional filtering CVs as well as tailoring them.

7. Interviews

8. Previous work experience in Recruitment/Human Resources/Administration/Secretary/PA.

At the moment we are looking for a personal skills as: - sincere interest in Company success and enthusiasm to join our team, -positive, cooperative attitude that our Consultants display throughout the day, - ability to remain calm under pressure and adapt to meet the unique needs of each Recruitment Consultant. - utmost refined customer service skills - ability to operate without supervision, juggle multiple tasks effectively, - maintaining confidentiality with highly sensitive materials and matters., - flexibility, demanded by Recruitment world - someone who responds to criticism in a positive way with a want to succeed attitude. - proactive - if someone has a problem, they will approach their Manager with 'two solutions’.

Please mention - Job 635 in the subject line and email -

We look forward to hearing from you.

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