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Job 1476, Housekeeping Trainer, Salary Negotiable, London

Job 1476, Housekeeping Trainer, Salary Negotiable, London

Job Description

Job 1476

Perfect Household Staff, an international Estate Management and Household Staffing Agency, adept at sourcing the ideal personnel to serve within private households is searching for a experienced housekeeping trainer.

Our current vacancy is for a Private Head Housekeeping trainer for our client based in Monaco (France). The salary is negotiable. The travel expenses are payed by the client. We are also sourcing candidates who will be happy to assist us with running our own PHS courses for private clients at their property as well as group training courses.

We are looking for a candidate who has already run their own courses and has worked with developing training programmes that will include a list of housekeeping modules such as housekeeping areas, housekeeping tools, special surface care, wardrobe management and wardrobe care, table serving, packing/unpacking, budgeting etc...

Our clients are UHNW Families and they are expecting 5* service from their staff however, although often personalities match, the housekeepers skills require a little training.

Educational background, a proven career in hotel and domestic housekeeping with the willingness to record a short video about your course are all essential.

If you are personally interested in the vacancy or are aware of another potential candidate who may be interested in such a vacancy, please apply via the website or email vitalina.veretynskaia .

We are always exited to register new applicants and are happy to answer any questions our candidates have on the vacancies!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call +44 (0) 203 318 4468 ext.109

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