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PHS Job 235. House Managing Couple, Hampshire

PHS Job 235. House Managing Couple, Hampshire

PHS 235

Our returning clients who are a family of five: with three boys 18, 16 and 12 live in a country house between Winchester and Petersfield.

The property is a 7 bedroom house in a very private country location a few miles from the nearest village so the couple need to be relatively comfortable with a somewhat isolated location and probably country lovers. The countryside is stunning. A very attractive self contained cottage with 2 bedrooms and bathrooms and a kitchen and sitting room come with the job. It is situated at one end of a barn block near but not connected to the house.

Days: 5 day working week including one weekend day on and one off and one day off during the week (typically Monday but could be another day by arrangement)

Working Hours: 9am – 6pm with an hour for lunch but flexible start/ finish according to family needs

One evening per week of babysitting for youngest boy (if not at boarding school) and one night driving to/from evening engagement per week, though on average it works out at less due to holidays and the fact we don't use this as much as we used to.

Occasional driving to Winchester to collect or drop boys at school
Housesitting/ security when the family are away on holiday and looking after the family very gentle and well behaved black Labrador during this time

Four weeks (20 days) of holiday per calendar year, with maximum of one 2 week holiday, to be spaced out and agreed prior to booking with the family

Family golf car designated for work use - available for occasional private use by prior arrangement - but is the back up car for a family memmber (in case her car breaks down) so not to be far away other than by arrangement. Couple should ideally therefore have their own car for private use.

Housekeeping duties include:

Cleaning the house; washing and ironing (laundry used for large sheets/duvets); food shopping; occasional cooking for the family; helping with cooking for occasional dinner parties; keeping fresh flowers around the house, utilising flowers in the garden; overseeing the service of the aga and boiler; signing for parcels/deliveries; picking and harvesting produce from the garden

Gardening duties include:
Planting/ sowing/ pruning/ weeding and generally maintaining the 3 acre garden; growing fruit and veg in the walled garden; maintenance of the swimming pool and hottub; mowing the lawn; washing the cars and taking them to the garage for servicing/MOTs; handyman jobs around the house and garden; feeding the 8 chickens and keeping nesting boxes clean; overseeing deliveries of oil and septic tank being emptied. High spec garden equipment is on site including a large ride on mower and tractor.

If you are personally interested in  vacancy like this one or are aware of another potential candidate who may be interested in such a vacancy, please see our latest domestic jobs here.

We are always exited to register new applicants and are happy to answer any questions our candidates have on the vacancies!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call +44 (0) 203 318 4468 or email:

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