• For career in private childcare and education, I can strongly recommend this agency.

    I am pleased to see amazing jobs available currently and I have shared this position via my network .
    For those amongst our group, who would like to consider seriously a career in private childcare and education, I can strongly recommend this agency, as I used to work with several families recommended by the agency and I am happy to recommend this Agency to any professional maternity nurse , nanny, early years teacher , housekeepers , butlers.

    Best wishes,

    Diana Leberman

  • Butlers

  • Butlers In Westminster

    Perfect Household Staff is the ideal agency for your butler service needs. We provide discerning households in Westminster with domestic staff at every level.

    If you are looking for first-class Butlers, please inform us so that we can assist. We always source the most suitable and experienced people to work within your home.

    We Pride Ourselves With Only Providing The Best Butlers

    At Perfect Household Staff we understand that every home in Westminster is utterly unique. Any butler that we put forward to you will be perfectly matched to your requirements.

    Quality Butler Service

    Outstanding butler service can make a huge difference to a household. We therefore select with care and ensure we have a real grasp of your household key requirement. Naturally, as with all our domestic staff, we assiduously check references, CRB status and identity.

    The efficient, personable staff that we provide to our clients are assessed by us so that we can be sure you are enjoying the best possible levels of service.

    If you are in Westminster and are looking to hire your own superb butlers please call us immediately. Our friendly team will be pleased to help you.

  • Candidates - What we expect from you

    At Perfect Household Staff we only present the most exemplary applicants to our clients.

    To be represented by Perfect Household Staff you will have to show a real passion for your vocation; you will be flexible, show bundles of enthusiasm and demonstrate a true desire to learn about your employer's needs.

    Applicant check list
    What you will need to be considered for registration by Perfect Household Staff

    • Have a minimum of three years' experience working for a Private Family in your area of expertise
    • A minimum of two written, checkable references
    • Two forms of Identification
    • You must have a current DBS (formally CRB) certificate or the willingness for Perfect Household staff to apply for one on your behalf
    • Be prepared to sign a confidentiality agreement
    • Preferably formal education in your area of expertise

    Please note: that the above is the minimum requirement for those who wish to register with PHS.

    How we help you
    There are several ways in which we help our candidates, these include :-

    • Our experienced team are on hand to offer help and advice throughout your placement process with PHS
    • We arrange and check all aspects of the contracts on your behalf
    • We can critique your CV and give you constructive advice on how to best present yourself
    • We will help you prepare for your interview
    • Video CV

    In the digital era where people watch rather than read, video is the best marketing tool.

    A Video CV is a 2-3 minute long story where you talk along the following lines:

    • present yourself and briefly describe your professional background,
    • explain what personal qualities this job requires and why you like doing it,
    • show yourself as a professional that qualifies for the job and is pleasant to deal with.

    To make your story viewable, some footage of you working may be used.

    The Video CV will be sent to our clients as a supplement to your traditional CV.

    For more information and appointments please contact PHS.

    Candidate Contractual Obligations with PHS

    Please click on the "Candidate Legal Agreement" in order to see a copy of the contract between PHS and the Candidate. The candidate will be required to sign a copy of these terms prior to being introduced to our client and their future employer.

  • Household Staff

  • Property Concierge

  • The Perfect Household Manager

    The duties of a house manager can vary, but in general, they ensure that the running of your home goes smoothly and oversee the upkeep of your house or estate.

    Live Stress-Free, The Household Manager Keep your Home Running Smoothly

    Below you will find an outline of the requirements, skills and duties associated with the role.

    • Household managers’ responsibilities include supervising all the other staff, managing the household budgets and admin tasks, liaising with suppliers and contractors and planning your events.
    • All of Perfect Household Staff's house managers have experience in running large luxury properties or have worked in hotel management.
    • Many are also skilled at running several properties at once and looking after homes overseas, so however long your list of requirements may be, we will have an expertly trained member of staff that can fulfil them.
    • A good household manager can rise to every challenge and will always step in to help other staff when needed as well as supervising and co-ordinating the whole team.
    • Household managers will be very used to managing and training staff and have the financial skills needed to manage your accounts, the payroll and household inventories. They can also run your business schedule and day-to-day diary as well as planning all of your events down to the last detail.
    • If you feel you don't have the need for a full-time house manager, then we can provide one who combines the role with another job, such as a PA, nanny, chef, butler or chauffeur.
    • We realize that every household and estate is entirely unique, so we offer a bespoke service that helps you find the staff that perfectly suit your needs.

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