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Being a Panda Nanny - Have you ever thought about looking after the Great Panda?

If you love Pandas and want to your grandchildren to be able to see them maybe you should think about becoming a Panda Nanny.

What do you think are the qualities needed to become a Panda Nanny? If you read news online then you are not alone, in fact more than 50% of us now read our news this way. Love it or hate it, if you are an "online news browser" you will, I'm sure have come across the ever growing news group monster that is the huffington post. There was one particular article that made me laugh:

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Do you prefer your nanny to come from Russia?

Do you prefer your nanny to come from Russia?

As a Russian family living in London, when you think about your children's upbringing, why do you think that having a nanny from Russia is going to be the best for them?

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