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A nannies’ personality, their approach to educating children and their additional qualities can be placed aside when considering safety in childcare. Your little ones deserve only the best care and security available which is why our childcare departenment meticulously follow our specially tailored interviewing procedures when selecting nannies.

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How does a nanny agency check nannies?

When looking to find a nanny, childcare safety is frequently talked about. Perfect Household Staff childcare recruitment consultants always take their time in meticulously checking nannies documentation such as:

  • Nanny CV.
  • Nanny References (Verbally, by calling and speaking with the nannies previous employers).
  • Identifying Documentation (Passport, photo ID, Driving License)
  • Nannies proof of address
  • Qualifications Certificates
  • DBS (Formally CRB)
  • Social Media Platforms

Throughout out our professional experience, we can safely say that there is no better precaution other than to professionally interview and vet every member of domestic staff inclusive of nannies to minimise the risks where childcare safety is concerned.

Unfortunatley complete childcare safety is never 100% guaranteed as children as some minor accidents are just unavoidable. However, there are ways that a parent can have better control of what their nanny and child are doing during the day.

Parents and nannies can prepare the child’s daily, weekly and monthly routine in order to always be aware of where, with whom and how their child is spending the day. Good communication with your child care provider is vital.

As a precaution, some of our clients use CCTV cameras inside their property however, the nanny must be informed of this and must agree to being monitored during the day. The cameras can be used for security purposes and not just for monitoring domestic staff. It is important to note that this precaution may make some domestic staff feel uncomfortable. With todays modern technology, GPS trackers are widely available in the form of a smart phone, a smart watch or a key ring. These can be used affectively to monitor the location of your child and nanny.

What questions do you ask nannies during the interview?

Our domestic staff interview questions have been developed for over a decade in relation to the childcare security and safety. Some examples can be seen below:

Are you prepared to take a DBS / CRB check prior to starting work?

This question will allow you to understand if a potential nanny will be happy to disclose the information concerning their criminal record. When checking the DBS of a nanny or any employee who will be working with children, they must have an enhanced DBS check.

Have you taken classes in childcare?

Nannies who are serious about their careers will enrol in career development courses.

What are your first steps if an incident occurs?

It is vital that the nanny will answer that she will call the emergency services and subsequently call the child’s parents. All domestic staff must be aware of safety precautions and the steps to be taken if an incident occurs.

What is the emergency services telephone number?


Have you taken any medical training?

Medical courses such as first aid or first person on the scene are very important as they teach your domestic staff how to react should an incident occur and potentially save a life.

How do you discipline a child when they are not listening to you?

This question will allow you to understand if the nannies’ childcare development and education principals are in line with yours. There is a wide range of answers to this question.

What was the reason for leaving your previous employments?

This question is excellent as you will be able to ask the same question to the candidates previous employers. It can often show the sincerity of your potential employee, check their non disclosure endurance.

Throughout the interview process, our childcare recruitment specialists will ask many questions which are specifically designed to filter out candidates who do not tell the whole truth about their careers. We spend a lot of time formulating questions in order to maximise childcare safety.

Domestic Recruitment Safety:

Our domestic recruitment agency has been operating for over 15 years and we have never experienced an incident concerning any of our staff.

Professional domestic recruitment agencies invest heavily in their recruitment consultants and their operational procedures. It is very unlikely that a private individual can formulate and carry out all the necessary security checks concerning domestic recruitment in the amount of time that a professional domestic staffing agency can or to the same level of professionalism.

We highly recommend to use a professional domestic recruitment agencies when hiring domestic staff in order to avoid incidents.

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