Learn How to Establish a Home-Based Childcare Service (CYPOP5) with this introductory course with a view to becoming Ofsted registered

This course is suitable for those who mind children, or plan to work with children, Unit 1 of the Diploma in Home-based Childcare, Introduction to (Home-based) Childcare Practice (ICP), is recommended. It is also an appropriate course for nannies and others who work with children in the home, who would like to become Ofsted-registered.

Course Delivery:

One key aspect of the course is that it is undertaken by distance learning. Every participant is allocated a personal tutor who may be contacted by telephone or email. The learner will be given the right materials, guidance and support to successfully complete their course.

The course is marked based on an assignment comprising policies, financial and marketing plans and other questions. It can be submitted at a time to be chosen by the learner.

Course Content:

  • How to create a safe and healthy home-based childcare environment
  • Putting routines into place for home-based childcare
  • Play and other appropriate activities
  • How to introduce children and their families to your childcare service
  • Managing behaviour in the home
  • Practising inclusion and anti-bias
  • Child protection
  • How to work as a home-based child carer

Length of Course: Typically the course can take between 2 and 6 weeks to complete.

Cost: £175 per person

How To Enrol:

The course may be enrolled for and begun at any time. Should you wish to learn more or to make a payment by cheque, please contact us. Please don’t forget to mention Perfect Nanny when you get in touch to enrol.

The Common Core Skills & Knowledge Course is also recommended to nannies.

How to Book

All you have to do is select the date of the chosen course and then pay through PayPal which is safe and secure. Following a successful payment you will receive a confirmation email and course details.

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