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PHS was charmed by stylish as always Aston Martin event at 8 Dover Street.

PHS was charmed by stylish as always Aston Martin event at 8 Dover Street.

#Perfecthouseholdstaff outstanding Insurance Specialists #LaPlaya are presenting their favourite client #Astonmartin in it's #Mayfair showroom #8Doverstreet.

Specialist & Independent Insurance

A range of PHS Insurance Providers create a stress free environment for your and your loved ones. A world that is stress free, where you have a safe peace of mind over your assets and it does not matter where you are. No worries, no hassle and no stress.

Whether it is your high performance and classic cars collects, a super yacht, private jets, jewellery collections, art collections, property or liability over staff. Our job is to give you exclusive access to the best insurers who will assess and put together a secure policy specifically tailored to you.

We are a private company who provide our clients with a boutique style of service. Our cover will be based on deep knowledge of your requirements and the current market.

Following a detailed and completely confidential review of your requirements, needs and priorities we will converse with the best trialled and tested insurance providers to give you a range of filtered solution.

You know that you and your family are safe with us.

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