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London's finest property Developers Chartwell recommends PHS Property Concierge to their Clients

London's finest property Developers Chartwell recommends PHS Property Concierge to their Clients

Perfect Household Staff is proud to be recommended to London's Elite Properties owners and readers of Chartwell yearly publications.

Chartwell was formed in 2005, in Monaco, with its founders Andrew and Stephanie Sheppard having over 25 years experience in the property, refurbishment and construction market. Their business has grown exponentially since its inception, built on an unwavering commitment to providing the very highest levels of quality for their clientele. Like most successful businesses, their focus is entirely client-driven and they take pride in delivering exceptional service with an unassuming can-do attitude.

In addition to building a company that focuses so closely on their own ideals of service and quality, the Sheppard’s linked their business to their own heritage. Chartwell was the home of Sir Winston Churchill – a family with whom Andrew’s family has strong personal and historic connections.

We are dedicated to being the best at providing Bespoke Design, Architecture, Construction to the world’s leading families and most discerning clients. Our brand has established itself on the global market encompassing a long tradition of British quality and workmanship.

Our international head of ce is based in the iconic building, at 66 St James Street, London. From here our experienced team of Designers, Architects & Project Managers and Media use their international knowledge to co-ordinate projects and develop a wide network of valuable contacts.

UK since 1990

Monaco since 2005

London since 2010

Africa since 2012

Dubai since 2015

PHS Job 258. Personal Assistant, Permanent, London
PHS Job 256. Temporary Housekeeper, London, £13/hr

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