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Your Perfect Home Starts Here - PROPERTY CONCIERGE & Household Recruitment

Your Perfect Home Starts Here - PROPERTY CONCIERGE & Household Recruitment


Having celebrated our move to Mayfair and indulged in the rich history of our new home, it's time to bring the focus back to our excellent services. In this week's blog, we thought property management services would be a natural progression from the announcement of our move.

Household recruitment is a service many of our clients know of well, but property services, less so. So what is the service we offer? Our clients run busy households and juggle hectic business and social lives too. So what do they do when something in the home or around the grounds of the property goes wrong: a roof problem, plumbing or electrical issues, general building maintenance - particularly if it’s a listed building. And, problems in the gardens surrounding the property. But that’s simple, isn’t it? Just call the most appropriate trades person and have them deal with it. Not so simple though, somebody has to decide what actually needs to be fixed, find a reputable and trust worthy trades person, negotiate a fair rate and manage the task. This is something most of clients simply don’t have the time to deal with. And that’s where PHS comes in - not only can we supply your more usual household staff needs, but we can take over the day-to-day property maintenance and management too. One less headache to deal with.

At Perfect Household Staff, we strive to be the best and nothing less, we make it our mission to provide top quality services and services that are specifically tailored to suit our clients needs. With our new RESIDENCE MANAGEMENT, we take PROPERTY CONCIERGE to a whole new level, with access to this and our in-house HOUSEHOLD RECRUITMENT service, you can rest assured that all aspects of your household can be dealt with under 'one roof'. We have an extensive database of expert household and property services staff and unparalleled experience in Household HR, in short, people we have better and trust implicitly.

What makes us unique?

We have flipped the aim of the game on its head and taken a different approach to PROPERTY CONCIERGE. We aim for quality of client, not quantity. We place emphasis on the quality of relationship with our clients and look for long-term working relationships. With our specialist service and access to a wealth of resources, we can provide our client with timely, personal correspondence whenever it's necessary and ensure that our clients are top priority at all times. A personal approach that our clients deserve. If you are a VIP, you should be treated like one.

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