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Your Perfect Home Starts Here Continued… Property Concierge

Your Perfect Home Starts Here Continued… Property Concierge



In our previous piece, we gave you an overview of why we feel we can ensure that you have the perfect home. In our world, it’s not uncommon for our clients to have multiple homes and be away from their household for prolonged periods of time. For our clients, being away from their home for such periods can present some issues, including worries that the maintenance and security of their home isn’t in the proper hands and when they return, it doesn’t feel like a home.

We make it our mission to ensure that our clients come back to the same home they left, whether it be weeks, months or years between visits. We have an expert team of dedicated property/house managers that can focus their efforts on managing your property. Regardless of how much time spent home or away, this service can provide uncapped benefits. For example, just one of many excellent services we provide is a private telephone number dedicated to our client that can be used for emergencies 24/7. Little touches like this provide our clients with peace of mind all year round.

We understand that our managers must be hands on and show care, devotion and dedication as we know that ultimately, that is the level of care and attention our clients deserve and more importantly, desire.

In addition to our expert house managers, we can provide continuous training and support for all domestic staff to provide a unified approach to maintaining your home. This training will include the house managers and offer our client a comfortable domestic staffing experience. On our end, we will regularly analyse and review the performance of the staff to ensure all staffing requirements are being met in a professional, timely manner.

The services and processes mentioned are just a small example of the measures we take, on a company wide scale, to retain the best talent in our sector and provide the best service possible for our client. All of which, is being done with our clients best interests at heart.

If you’re interested in taking a step towards the perfect household, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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