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You Really Can Buy Time

You Really Can Buy Time

It’s 6am, you’re facing a busy schedule today, multiple client meetings, and you have entertainment commitments too. You’ve been running a business for a while now either from home or small office, it’s growing and so is the demand on your time and attention.


Getting ready for the day, you make a mental note that the shampoo’s running low while brushing your teeth. Later you pour the last of the milk into a cereal bowl for your 5 year-old, and add that to your growing shopping list. Your partner is a successful business person too, and so breakfast time can get a little hectic.

At noon, you have some errands to run and end up skipping lunch. As you sit in client meetings, a couple good ideas came to you and you quickly scribble down them, knowing it would be a few more days before you have time to follow through. In the evening, you hurry home from your last client meeting just in time to collect your dry cleaning; you finally let out a big sigh of relief! But then realise, you forgot the milk.

These issues are faced by many people running their own businesses, along with many busy executives the world over, especially those who have started small but are suffering from growing pains. You may have begun to realise you need help, but not any kind of help. You may have employees, but then they have a specific job to do already. You may have played with the idea of having a ‘virtual assistant’, but feel you need to keep things ‘real’, as your problems are not virtual, neither are your children, whom you’d like to lavish a little more attention on. You might have considered a nanny or even a nanny-housekeeper, but you’ve decided that you’d like to look after the children; it’s your business and social schedule demands that you need help with.

It’s time to hire a PA.

You wonder a little: “Can I really buy time?”

The answer is, ‘yes you can’, and it usually comes pre-packaged in the form of a Personal Assistant. Clients we come in to contact with are often amazed at how accessible this service actually is and wonder why they never seriously considered it before.

Today’s Personal Assistant, PA for short, may not the uniform-wearing man or woman reserved for the privileged few. They may come in jeans to help you plan your diet, organise the storage, order your day and arrange your meetings, run errands and do the shopping, or they may even be highly trained communication experts who schedule Facebook posts and tweet on your behalf, so you can continue to be the online influencer. They can be full-time or part-time too.

PA’s are hired by Lords and Ladies, by golfers and bloggers, and also by mums and dads running successful businesses but trying to attain that ideal work / lifestyle balance. A PA carries out your tasks, regardless how unique, random, or even secretive they may be.


In order to meet your needs and wishes, a PA needs to know about you, your preferences and choices in life, and sometime may even need to handle the sensitive electronic data for you. Therefore, at Perfect Household Staff, we train our PAs so they understand the importance of confidentiality and how to maintain this in their work. Equally, we also recommend our clients sign a non disclosure agreement with the PA before the start date.

Apart from confidentiality, some clients may wish to have a PA that’s not only trained in office duties and familiar with the usual MS Office Suite, but maybe trained in other areas to, such as food safety, first-aid awareness, or even a software certification (like Photoshop).

If you find yourself busy with general day-to-day tasks that slow you down or even prevent you from really achieving what’s important to you or your business and, just maybe, have more time to do the things you love in life, call us, we understand your needs and will help you find a fully vetted and professional PA who is most suitable for you.

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