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Why your next luxury handbag investment could turn into a nanny!

Why your next luxury handbag investment could turn into a nanny!

First of all ladies, if you really need to go and buy that Hermes, Chanel, Fendi or even a Lana Marks, go ahead, knock yourself out . . . go for it, you deserve it.

You haven't got to where you are today by sitting back and letting life pass you by. You’ve grabbed life’s 'bull by the horns' and made something of it. Your lifestyle is probably driven by a successful business or hectic social calendar. Whatever the reason, that handbag, the one sitting by your side as you read this, has been chosen for a reason. Possibly, simply because it makes you feel great about yourself, or, it adds that air of exclusivity about you or your business that perhaps only an Alexander McQueen or Saint Laurent by your side can do. Not only does it look fantastic, but it’s amazingly functional too. It has become life’s all purpose utility tool to you.

Sure, we all have our indulgences, but it’s likely that many of the items that are with you day-to-day are there for a very practical reason: they support you, provide utility, set you apart, provide accessibility, reinforce your status and achievements in life.

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When only a nanny makes sense

But what if you’re married and have children, or as happens to many couples that both have busy lifestyles, separated and have custody of the children? What’s the best utility tool for you now? How about a nanny or maybe a nanny-housekeeper?

Now, don’t think for a minute that we are suggesting that nannies are accessories like handbags! They most definitely are not. Our nannies are professional, highly regarded individuals, trusted by personalities, such as yourselves. If anything, an exceptional nanny has developed or aspires to develop a standing much like a famous brand. Either way, nannies do provide busy professionals, celebs, and socialites with families, the utility and flexibility they need to juggle business, social and family life.

With an exceptional nanny by your side and in your family’s life, things change. A nanny can be rather like a personal concierge service, although dedicated to the welfare of your children. Full-time nannies or nanny-housekeepers can often become excellent personal assistants, helping you manage your daily schedule, ensure you get to where you need to be and have everything you need prepared and available when you need it.

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Life just happens, we're here to help

Just like a exceptional handbag, and this is the only time we will make the comparison, an exceptional nanny is reliable, flexible, trustworthy, organised, creative, sets you apart, strong and makes a positive difference in your and your family’s life.

How do we know all this? We run one of London’s top household staff agencies - Perfect household Staff. We specialise in providing only the highest quality staff to London’s elite. Whether you need a nanny, a butler, a housekeeper, a dedicated full time assistant or even crew for your private aircraft or yacht, we have the best candidates available.

So, the next time you’re out browsing through the latest range of Prada, Valentino, Givenchy, McQueen, Hermes or whoever your preferred designer is, think about the difference having a first class nanny in your family’s life will make. The feeling of having a superb nanny or nanny-housekeeper by your side is like an amazing ‘enabling force’; similar, although in a much larger way, to the feeling that having your trustworthy handbag by your side provides.

Need some extra dependability and time in your life? Why not call the team at Perfect Household Staff and they will show you how.

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