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What Makes A Good Private Chauffeur?

A first-rate private chauffeur can make a huge difference to the quality of life of our busy clients. Many people need the services of a chauffeur on a daily basis, to facilitate the challenges of travelling around the UK and overseas.

At Perfect Household Staff, we know exactly what it takes to make an excellent chauffeur. First and foremost, safety is paramount and we only source drivers with first-class motoring records and a proven employment history. Of course, a perfect driver is a law-abiding one; especially important when charged with driving around one’s loved ones on a regular bases.

Also, as any driver knows, experience and maturity is an important factor in the making of an outstanding driver and in a chauffeur’s case, this must be constantly coupled with an innate concern for your passenger’s comfort.

Moreover, a modern chauffeur must be versatile and organised. Planning routes and detours with or without the SatNav, decision-making and showing a keen awareness of schedules and time pressures is all essential. Reliability is a must, as is a personable and discreet character, and a calm temperament.

We look for real 21st Century chauffeurs who are up to the demands of the modern family. This means they are likely to have driven in countries other than the UK and be as comfortable cruising down to the south of France as touring the local area.

Naturally, a practical, hands-on approach is always necessary, along with a sense of responsibility. The ideal chauffeur is someone for whom ensuring that their employer’s family are safely transported and happy is second nature, as is a love of keeping the vehicle(s) well looked after.

A chauffeur’s role sits close to the heart of the daily running of the family’s life. When it is doing the school run, or getting to the airport in time for the flight to that vital conference, it is a large responsibility. We recognise it as such, which is why we always source, qualify and vet chauffeurs extremely carefully. As a result, our clients have found that their outstanding chauffeurs make a hugely positive addition to the household.

If you are considering hiring a chauffeur and would like to discuss it in further detail, please call us on (0) 207 960 6292.

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