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3 Tips for Finding Staff to Suit your Family

3 Tips for Finding Staff to Suit your Family

When it comes to finding the ‘perfect household staff’ – well it is very simple, that’s our job!

However, whilst we will take care of everything from reviewing CVs through to the commencement of work and beyond, it can really help clients if they have a think about what their real requirements may be.

Many people have never really thought about what type of household pressures and priorities they live with from day to day. If you are just starting to think about the possibility of hiring domestic staff, here are three aspects to consider to get you started:

  1. If you could wave a magic wand, which household tasks would be beautifully taken care of? Your priorities will help define your ideal complement of staff. Are you a keen entertainer who believes in the importance of polished service? The chef and/or butler may be first on your list. Is childcare the greatest priority in your home, as well as having a well-tended garden? Then you may seek a live-in nanny, gardener or domestic couple, for example. Giving this proper consideration may lead to surprise yourself about the staff that you really need.

  2. With the most vital roles decided, which character traits would most suit your family’s style? You may be a very gregarious family who does not wish to hire a particularly reserved housekeeper, or you may enjoy a quiet family life and wish to benefit hugely from a scholarly governess. You may want a very formal butler or a friendly, informal chef. Personality types don’t have to be identical your own, but they should be complementary to your ideas of a great member of staff. Just talk to us and we’ll do the rest.

  3. Think of any must-haves in addition to the standard requirements of the role – if your staff must be dog lovers, or be able to drive, or to speak Spanish, or be prepared to work some weekends, just let us know.

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Every family is as unique as a fingerprint – let us know what will suit yours and we will do the looking for you. To discuss your specific requirements, please call us on 020 7960 6292 and we’ll be happy to help.

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