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Time off from London

We convince ourselves that we have everything we need in London, why do we need to leave? If you are thinking how silly this sounds as you read, it may be time to break the mould and see the World?

But if the World seems a little bit exhausting for a weekend then perhaps you should start with the Home Counties of England.

Windsor Castle The Long Walk

Only 10 mile outside the M25 is the historic town of Windsor, the traditional Easter home of the Queen that offers a wealth of British history waiting to be discovered.

If you are not one who wishes to "trape around" on a hot day and don't feel like walking The Long Walk, but want to take in the breath taking views of the Windsor Great Park and Windsor castle, can I suggest you hire a horse-drawn carriages to show you around the town and point out the areas of interest as you go. 

As the morning turns in to late afternoon and the clean country air starts taking effect you should start to think about somewhere to relax and contemplate the day’s events thus far.

Another short hope of 10 miles to the South of Windsor you will find the Pennyhill Park Hotel. The facilities they offer will probably make you wish you had skipped the trip to Windsor altogether and had more time to pamper yourself at the UK’s Most Excellent Spa or sample the deliciously dishes crafted by the Two Michelin stared Michael Wignall.

The Hotel itself is an elegant traditional building that offers true five star accommodation and service. Set in 120 acres of Surrey Parkland short walks and outdoor activities such as Golf and Tennis are available for those who still have the energy.

There is so much to do within one hour of London that offers you the re-energising weekend that you probably deserve. Give yourself a break and burst that bubble.

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