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The Queen proposed a toast with members of her senior household staff, her footmen, pages and the domestic staff of Buckingham Palace

I am not normally a Daily Mirror reader you will understand, but as I do like to hear news about the domestic household staff industry I do sometimes read one or two articles if they are put in front of me. 

Household Staff praised by The Queen

Leading up to Prince George's first birthday on the 22nd of July, this redtop newspaper chose to look back a year to when our new prince was born. The article in part reads;

"It was a year ago on July 22 that champagne glasses were being filled to celebrate his birth.

Upstairs at Buckingham Palace the Queen proposed a toast with members of her senior household and downstairs footmen, pages, valets and domestic staff all celebrated the new born prince."

If you wish to read the article you can do so here.

It was well publicised at the time that the Queen had shown a human side in this way, so often only glimpsed by the general public.

The Queen must feel a great deal of affiliation with her staff, many of which have worked for her for many years.

Such a great honour from such a great lady, especially when her own personal happiness at becoming a great grandmother is so prevalent. And most importantly for those of us who work in the Domestic Household Staff industry, a real testament to a great profession.

Well BravoYour Majesty and for once, thank you Daily Mirror. You have reminded me and others why we strive to only offer our clients only the most impeccable level of service.

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