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The Perfect Household Staff, Special Needs, Nanny

The Perfect Household Staff, Special Needs, Nanny

Every child deserves a nanny that truly cares for them and can look after all their needs as required. This is of paramount importance with Special Needs Nannies and at Perfect Household Staff we only work with experienced (to a minimum of 3 years) and qualified childcare professionals of the highest standard.

Our Special Needs Nannies have a proven track record and may even specialise in a specific area of need such as speech and language, hearing impairment or behavioural difficulties. Some may also have expertise and experience in caring for children with conditions such as Downs Syndrome, for example.

Our nannies have naturally caring and sensitive natures as well l as a professional approach that makes them an asset within the wider care team. Your nanny can work in conjunction with doctors, physiotherapists, speech and occupational therapists as required by your family.

A Special Needs Nanny will work to create a calm, supportive environment and help your child achieve their potential. To this end they may:

  • Help to slightly adapt the child’s environment to their benefit.
  • Provide the right level of stimulation and organise activities, having quickly gained an understanding of what will empower, please and soothe your particular child.
  • Helping mould behaviour through play and deal constructively with any aggressive behaviour.
  • Help to build the child's confidence and sense of self.
  • Teach skills that will help with development; set and work towards goals.
  • Helping siblings and other children, including teaching them best ways to interact with your special needs child.

In practical terms, this may also mean feeding, bathing and administering medicine as required by the family. Indeed, the scope of the role of your Special Needs Nanny will largely be defined according to your unique needs and agreed beforehand. You are sure to find, like our other clients, that your nanny will very quickly become an invaluable resource to support your child and your family life.

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