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The long awaited London Beaumont Hotel opens its doors on the 9th of October 2014

We have heard from the team at the London Beaumont once again with an update and some important information about the impending grand opening.

If you are a fan of Art Deco, a trend that has swept over London in recent years or hold an interest in what is up and coming in Mayfair, you will probably not have wanted to miss our blog in May including inside information about the long awaited London Beaumont Hotel.

 "A return to the pre-war elegance of Mayfair"

It previously reported that art work by Antony Gormleywill be a permeant exhibit for one lucky guest in the "Antony Gormley suite".

In a clever play on words we were duped into believing that the artwork would be on display in the suite. It is now blindly obvious (if you know his work) that the suite itself has been designed by Gormley, a witty quip (see below).

Although we have not yet been given access to any photos of the inside (this is still kept close to the chest of the management), they did send us one or two other images that we can share.

The London Beaumont Gormley ROOM Perfect-Household-Staff

Also in May's blog we hinted about what will be on offer in way of dining. "a classic New York style" was mentioned. 

We can now share that the "Colony Grill Room" will be a 100 seater restaurant that will, as you may imagine "be quite classical in style" and take its influence from the "traditional Grill Rooms originally found both in London and New York".


If you are a regular reader of our blog you may also remember that in April we talked about "Where to find the finer places to shop in London". If you are planning a shopping trip to the West End of London, Selfridges would be a good place to start and only one hundred meters away

If you are as keen as we are to take in what is expected to be the breath taking interior you will be pleased to know:

The London Beaumont is now taking booking!

If you would like to be one of the first to stay at Mayfair's answer to "the modern 1920's", The London Beaumont is now taking booking for the second weekend in October. For more information on how to book please see their website for details

We look forward to following to the next press release by the London Beaumont and will of course share it with you, our readers. 

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