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The Joy of a Bilingual Nanny

The Joy of a Bilingual Nanny

There is currently an ever-increasing demand for excellent bilingual or multilingual nannies among discerning parents. Such nannies provide a unique opportunity for your child to learn a second language, thereby enriching their cultural upbringing and supporting the best start in life. In the rapidly changing, global community they will reach adulthood in, a second language, be it French, Mandarin, Spanish or Japanese is likely to prove invaluable. If they can learn that as part of their normal home life, without even knowing that they are trying, it is giving them a genuine gift.

Not only will they provide on-going, holistic language lessons as a part of everyday life, they will also provide a cultural link to other communities and give your child an irreplaceable connection with that country.

Not to be confused with au pairs, who tend to be young ladies from overseas with little or no formal training or experience, our bilingual nannies are all trained and qualified, with a minimum of three years’ experience. As well as carrying out the traditional duties of a modern nanny, a bilingual nanny will converse fluently with her charges in the foreign language you have chosen, the nanny’s mother tongue. They often arrange play and activities that enhance language skills, all whilst the children have fun and grow in confidence.

In addition to this, the nanny will be caring for your child in the normal way and organising the day around their personal and age-specific needs. Their supporting role will form an integral part of the fabric of your family life, helping your child to thrive and learn.

Beyond that, the specific duties that your bilingual nanny may carry out will differ from household to household. You may wish her role to involve food preparation and doing the children’s laundry like many other nannies. Or, you may have linguistic targets that you wish to agree between you, which can be particularly important should the family be planning a move to the country of that language, for example. These can be attained without the formalities of school education, but in an organic, nurturing way.

Contact us on 0203 318 4468 to discuss your requirements - we always listen carefully and find the ideal staff accordingly. There is truly no better agency from which to find your new bilingual nanny.

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