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The Governess has many strings to her bow - Where is the line between Nanny and Governess?

The Governess has many strings to her bow - Where is the line between Nanny and Governess?

People ask Perfect Household Staff on a regular bases "What is a Governess and what can they do?”  The short answer is the job title of Governess covers many aspects in the Childcare and Education of our children.

When you sit down and imagine a Governess your thoughts will probably fall into one of two camps

The first of course is the image of Mary Poppins, her singing and dancing tireless efforts holding everything together with finely pressed outfits, spoons full of sugar and a little bit of magic.

If you don't fall into the Poppins camp you may well hold the view that Governesses are awful smelly old creatures that are mean, as portrayed in this article partly titled "Simply The Most Awful Governess In The World".

If we have reminded you of some childhood memories, then we hope they are fond Mary Poppins type memories and not those of smelly old creatures.

The Walt Disney film of Mary Poppins will celebrate its 50th birthday next month and although fantastic characters you will have to agree that these stereotype images are not only quite extreme but also quite old-fashioned.

In last February’s article titled Duties of a Governess we discussed the responsibilities in some depth. In short we discussed that, a governess’s primary function is that of an educator. This could be working to improve a particular subject such and math or English or a range of subject that may include a second or third language.

The lines may begin to blur for you with that of a Nanny, whose primary function is to care for your child rather than educate them academically. Certainly a Governess is involved in improving a child's social skills and caring for the health and wellbeing, this is part of the education of a young mind and that is the keyword when you think about a Governess, Education.

This said where the line is drawn between Governess and Nanny will very much depend on the individual case. Discuss what environment you want to create for your child and what you want to achieve.

Every one of Perfect Household Staff’s Governesses are different, we spend a lot of time getting to know our candidates so why not talk with us about your needs and let us help you formulate the right situation for you. 


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