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The Close Protection a Body Guard offers.

The Close Protection a Body Guard offers.


The Close Protection a Bodyguard Offers

We understand that a number of our clients may require the services of one or more personal bodyguards and are pleased be able to offer this service. We are experienced in placing bodyguards with clients with all kinds of requirements and appreciate the value that such appointments can bring.

In the first instance, clients may require a bodyguard to ensure their on-going safety in all kinds of situations. They may be a well-known entertainment, political or sporting figure, for example, who needs someone reliable on hand whenever they are out and about. A bodyguard will essentially shadow them, pre-empting and preventing any difficult situations that may arise, taking full responsibility for their safety.

Sometimes, people feel the need to have bodyguard when they are in a position that means they come into regular contact with the paparazzi, for example. A trained bodyguard will be used to such situations and will be accustomed to helping clients maintain as much privacy as they wish.

A bodyguard will naturally be trained and primed to defend you and also oversee your general safety. Should a client need to be in a situation where they are amongst the general public, a bodyguard can literally be at their side, guiding and protecting their every step. Indeed, a bodyguard can provide around-the-clock protection, either working alone or as part of a team, to ensure your safety and make like easier.

We appreciate the fact that it is important to provide each client with a bodyguard in whose presence they feel both safe and comfortable. That means taking a number of key factors into account when qualifying candidates, from experience and employment history to training and personal attributes.

Some clients feel that they only need a bodyguard on certain occasions, or in a few specific situations; others require full and permanent services. We can cater for all bodyguard requirements, carefully selecting the best person for your exact needs. Should you be interested in learning more about how we can provide a bodyguard for you, please do not hesitate to contact us on (0) 203 318 4468

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