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The Benefits of Having a House Manager

When households employ a number of staff, it is essential that their roles can be overseen and co-ordinated in an efficient manner. This is one of the primary benefits of having a house manager. When, for example, a household has a nanny for the children, a chauffeur, a private Chef and domestic cleaning staff, it can be vital that someone manages the smooth running of that household. An excellent house manager will normally sit at the top of the domestic staff hierarchy. They put in place the supervision and support that ensures everyone can carry out their roles effectively and to the client’s benefit.

House managers can also be a huge benefit in instances where the client owns more than one residence. A reliable house manager can prove invaluable for managing the varied needs of different properties, removing the responsibility for solving day-to-day domestic issues from the homeowners. He or she can also provide great peace of mind when a client does not spend all their time in the household, providing continuity and enabling the client to travel with the assurance that all domestic matters will be taken care of in their absence.

A good house manager will ensure that the highest standards are maintained and will often have a great deal of experience to bring to bear. They will also have exceptional organisational, managerial and people skills. They are typically good at communicating the wishes of the client to staff and ensuring that all parties liaise effectively.

Another important benefit of having a house manager is that as experienced members of staff they are likely to have worked in other more junior domestic positions and have a strong understanding of what each of the varied roles entails. This means that they may be put in charge of training and advising new or less experienced staff regarding their role. As they understand how each role fits together, they also tend to help manage the timetabling of duties and operational issues such as planning for absences and holidays.

The best house managers will also know about accounts and budgets, inventory and supplies, entertaining guests, appropriate standards and etiquette and much more. It is such an important role, so fundamental to the successful running of a household, that at Perfect Household Staff we only consider the most experienced and highly recommended candidates, who have first-class references. If you are considering employing a house manager for your residence, please call us to discuss your requirements on (0) 207 960 6292.

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