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Taking Away the Anxiety of Hiring a Nanny

Taking Away the Anxiety of Hiring a Nanny

Given there are only 24 hours in a day, parents who juggle careers and young children may not be able to get all the tasks, from laundry and cooking to arranging play dates and birthday parties, done as they should be done.

This is when hiring a nanny who can take away the burden of those tasks and take responsibility for the daily child care and safety of your children, can be a life saver - or career saver. 

Just when you are in need of help, you may face yet another daunting challenge which is the process of hiring itself. Questions, from where to advertise, how to carry out background checks, and how to create the employment contract that governs both parties, can be tricky and time consuming. This is where Perfect Household Staff can help, by taking on this responsibility and letting you focus on the other important arrangements in your day. 

PHS provides professional nanny services to parents who desperately need a responsible, loving and caring adult who can be trusted implicitly to oversee the children’s safety, wellbeing and development, and to an impeccable standard. We do this by:

  • Understanding your needs and the tasks which you want your nanny to carry out.
  • Conducting background checks. All our nannies are Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checked. 
  • Working with you on the interviews and the selection process.
  • Providing all the legal paperwork, from insurance to employment contract.
  • In short, we invest the time and effort to match the right candidate for you.


Benefits of PHS Nannies

Quality - our nanny selection process is based on your needs. For instance, if you want the nanny to focus on the children’s development, we will match you with a nanny with the specific qualification and standards to meet that need. 

Peace of Mind - with PHS recruiting and screening the candidates, you will feel at ease with ultimately having a professional nanny in your home and with your children; they should feel like an extension to your own family.

Satisfaction Guaranteed - developing a chemistry between the nanny and your children can be slow but is very important, so we offer a replacement guarantee if the fit isn’t right for your children.

Choosing a nanny for your children is a highly personal decision. At PHS, we help provide the level of confidence and assurance you need to make that decision easily and say no to Nightmare Nannies.

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