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Say No to Nightmare Nannies

Say No to Nightmare Nannies

The objective of hiring domestic staff is to free yourself up and make your life easier. Yet you may increasingly find yourself having to collect mismatching socks from the laundry basket, removing the half-eaten tin cans of mouldy food meant for the kids from the fridge, and just when you are caught in the traffic jam, you are informed by your nanny that you were supposed to be home 5 minutes ago and she needs to go and pursue her social engagements. 

That’s just one past experience horror story shared by parents we’ve often heard, others include: a nanny who is constantly sick and missing work, or a nanny who forcefully feeds the children something they don’t want to eat, to something more severe which is stealing from you and your family.  

Having a nightmare nanny is stressful, completely opposite to making your life easier.

The very best nanny recruitment process

At PHS, we say no to nightmare nannies. Our recruiting and screening processes are extremely thorough and rigorous, and most importantly, we only match candidates who can meet your needs. For instance, if having a nanny who is flexible (and not rushing out the door as soon as the clock strikes 6pm) is important to you, then we will emphasise this quality in our screening process.

 If your children suffer from allergies, then we will require the nanny to follow a strict dietary requirement. We may even only offer you candidates who have completed a first-aid training course. 

Trust Your Nanny

Another example is relationship. If having a trusted nanny who will be part of your children’s life for the next 10 years is important to you, then we do our best to find someone who is interested to invest in a longer term relationship with you and your children. The role of the nanny in this case may evolve from caring solely for your newborn to taking on general housework when your child is older. You can read about our Nanny Housekeepers for more information. 

  Our nannies are professionals who truly care for your children. We say no to Nightmare Nannies and so can you.

A Nanny Housekeeper vs A Governess
A Nanny Housekeeper vs A Governess

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