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Relax on Holiday This Year - Holiday Nannies

One of the main benefits of employing domestic staff is that you are free to enjoy more quality time with your family. This is important on a day-to-day basis, but can be especially important when you have deliberately taken time out to spend with your partner and family. When you go on holiday, you can take a nanny with you, to ensure that you can fully relax at all times, happy in the knowledge that your children are being well looked after too.

When you take a nanny on holiday, you are giving yourself all the possible options. An accompanying nanny does not automatically mean you will spend less time with your children, if this is a concern. Instead you will be able to have someone on hand whose primary task is to watch over the children, leaving you free to finally finish that novel, or go jet-skiing if you wish! Likewise, when you are sharing activities that the whole family can enjoy, such as splashing around in the pool, it can be invaluable to have another responsible adult with you to ensure that the fun is enjoyed safely.

It is widely recognised that even the most devoted parents sometimes long for a little ‘couple time’ during a family holiday. With your own holiday nanny you need never worry about only booking hotels that have a kids’ club, for example. Instead you know that your children will have personalised attention, from someone who will be fully aware of their swimming ability, food preferences, favourite activities and so on.

To make having a holiday nanny a rewarding and enjoyable experience however, it is important to set each party’s expectations properly. Agree prior to the holiday what the nanny’s working hours will be and whether it will include a night off, for example. You should also be prepared to cover all reasonable, related expenses in addition to salary and discuss what is expected of the nanny during this special family time. Agreeing such details beforehand can ensure that parents, nanny and crucially the children all enjoy a perfectly safe, happy and harmonious holiday.

If you would like to know more about hiring a holiday nanny, please contact us to discuss your requirements on 020 7960 6292.

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