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Not All Private Tutors are Male But All Governesses Are Female - Why?

In our last blog The Governess has many strings to her bow - Where is the line between Nanny and Governesses we talked about the differences (and similarities) between the roles of Governess and Nanny.

One of the questions I asked myself when I was thinking about this was "What is a male Governess called, Is there a name for that?"

As I looked deeper into the subject I found out a lot about the history of both Governess and (male) Private Tutor.

Private Tutors used to all be male and would most likely, at one time been School Masters. They were employed by the aristocracy and then the middle classes as the industrial revolution made the "middle layer", people who could now afford such luxuries.

They were in most cases employed to install discipline, regime and of course education to boys who were not quite towing the line or living up to their fathers expectations.

To be a tutor you would have had to be educated to a high standard and to have had this opportunity you would have had to come from a reasonable standing. You would have been paid considerably more than a Governess considering your status and would not have been instructed to teach young girls.

As society has progressed from the dark ages of course we now have women that are tutors and men who work in childcare in roles such as nannies and something like governesses. But the short answer to my self-appointed question is no, there isn't a name for a male governess.

Tradition is not a bad thing but I am glad I live in modern society. Without a clear understanding of traditional values I think we would not be able to offer our clients the level of service they deserve and that we strive to achieve.

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