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Nanny Jobs are rewarding - Tips to help you land your next role

If you are thinking about a career as a nanny, just starting out in the industry or are already an experienced Nanny, what are the things that will help us find you the right position?


There are a number of ways that you can gain experience as a nanny, some are paid and some are on a voluntary basis such as summer camps or working holidays. Experience is very valuable, regardless of how good a nanny you are, without it you will struggle to get the job you are looking for. At Perfect Household Staff, for the majority of our roles we ask our candidates for at least three years’ experience. If you don't have this then contact us for further advice on how you can gain the time you need. 

Tip: Obtaining good references from your previous roles or volunteering positions is essential. Don't forget to arrange this before you leave, it is much easier when you are present.


The Council for awards in children's care and Education (CACHE) is the awarding body that awards Diplomas and certificates in the Childcare and Education industry. There are a number courses that you can attend depending on what area of child care you wish to work in. If you wish to work as a Nanny, and don't have any formal education already, this is something we strongly recommend you to obtain. 

The competition for the best roles is fierce; make sure you are in the running when that special role you want comes along. 


One of the legal requirements that we require for all of our Nannies is a current DBS (or CBR) check. We can help you arrange this during an application process but if you want to be prepared we advise you keep this up to date. That way if we require a nanny at short notice (and we often do), you are in a good position to accept the role. 

We are recruiting Nannies daily; we are also committed to finding the best people for our clients tomorrow, next month and next year.

Regardless of where you are in your career we would like to hear from you. If you haven't already done so then why don't you register as a candidate and if you have any other questions then let us know. 

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