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How to hire the perfect nanny.

How to hire the perfect nanny.

How to hire the perfect nanny.

When you need a nanny to look after your little one, you’ll want to know what to look for. Hiring a nanny can play a really positive role in your child’s early life. In addition to opening your baby up to a new person and new experience, a good nanny will bring a raft of skills with them too. Whether it be new games to play or potty training tips for boys and girls, a good nanny should have plenty to offer. Here’s how to hire the perfect nanny.


1. Figure out the practicalities

The first step of hiring a nanny is to be clear about when you need them and how much you’re prepared to spend. Whilst this certainly isn’t the time to skimp, some nannies may well be out of your price bracket. They may also be unavailable for the times you want.

You can take a lot of the hassle and stress out of the process by figuring this all out before you start the search. It’s also a really good idea to draw up a ‘job description’. That way you can match your desired criteria to potential nannies and make the interview process easier. It’ll also make your search easier.

2. Check qualifications

There will be plenty of great profiles out there, so what do you need to look for? Well, in addition to your chosen nanny coming across as a good match in terms of their overall approach to childcare, qualifications are essential too. The following examples give you a guide:

• Diplomas in Child Care.
• NVQs in Early Childhood Development.
• BTEC in Early Childhood Studies.

It’s important not only to check their qualifications but also to look into their standing in the childcare world. A little research will help you find what you need to do, and references are essential.

3. The interview

You’ve set a budget and schedule of hours, drawn up your criteria, checked qualifications and have a shortlist of nannies. Now onto the crunch time – the interview. Here are some key tips to getting the most from your meeting:

• Choose somewhere you’re comfortable – some prefer to do it in house, whereas you might feel easier in a neutral venue, like a café.
• Ask them to bring evidence of qualifications and references. A thorough background check should be number one on your list of priorities, whether it’s before or after the interview.
• Talk about the role, review their CV and engage in a general conversation about your situation – the warmer you are, the more relaxed they’ll be, and that’ll help you get a good feel for potential nannies. Make a note of high points and any areas for concern so you can review later.
• Ask skills and personality based questions. This could be something like, “what are your best potty training tips for boys?” Although something like this might not be key to you at this time, it’ll give you a good indication of their experience. Something like, “tell me what a typical session looks like for you” will give you more insight into their personality and overall approach. Make the questions as clear and concise as you can, so it’s easier for them to answer.

4. Talk to your family and do a trial session

Everyone needs to be comfortable with any new person coming into your home, so once you’re happy with everything you can offer a trial session. You don’t have to call it a trial as this can create too much pressure and a false environment. Refer to it as a ‘come and meet the kids session’, that’ll be lighter for everyone. If that goes well, you should strongly consider drawing up a contract that includes a more formal trial period.

That’s it – an easy to follow guide to finding your ideal nanny. As long as you’re organised and go through the process in an ordered manner you’ll find it easier to reach a decision that you’re really happy with. Good luck with the search.

PHS provides professional nanny services to parents who desperately need a responsible, loving and caring adult who can be trusted implicitly to oversee the children’s safety, wellbeing and development, and to an impeccable standard. We do this by:
• Understanding your needs and the tasks which you want your nanny to carry out.
• Conducting background checks. All our nannies are Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checked.
• Working with you on the interviews and the selection process.
• Providing all the legal paperwork, from insurance to employment contract.
• In short, we invest the time and effort to match the right candidate for you


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